Clothing In New Zealand

New Zealand follows the Western culture in clothing and lifestyle, but has its own unique relaxed pace and style. This is reflected in their clothing as well. New Zealander for the most part, dress casually, but are known to be smartly and often formally turned out when going to restaurants, theatre and night-spots.

National Costume

You might like to bring your national costume to wear at functions organised by your educational institution or local community. (Ethnic food recipes are also welcome.)

Winter and Summer Clothing

For winter, you will need:

  • Warm footwear for wet weather
  • Thick, Woolen clothes
  • Wind proof jacket or waterproof coat

In Summer, you will need:

  • A sunhat or cap
  • Cool cottons
  • Suitable footwear for outings to the beach and the bush

In addition, it is always advisable to carry a lightweight, rainproof jacket in summer as well as one could be caught in the famous, or perhaps infamous ‘Four Seasons in a Day’ weather.