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Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa, Canada

Le Cordon Bleu – Australia – Application-Form le-cordon-bleu-ssvf-application-form-2016

Le Cordon Bleu – Austrailia – international Application-form

The courses at Le Cordon Bleu Australia will be subject to a fee increase from 1st January 2016.

To review the fee increase per course, please download the application form for international student.

All Le Cordon Bleu Australia Letters of Offer issued from now will include the new 2016 fees.

Change in Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s Fee’s Terms and Conditions policy for International Student’s enrolled in packaged programs. This has been amended to include more detail for applicants and students in regards to the fee’s and conditions concerning withdrawal from the packaged programs, and has been amended to clarify Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s Fees, Refunds and Conditions Policy only for the packaged programs.

Please note the revised clause below replaces the previous clause 16 in the terms and conditions. The new policy has been updated on Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s web site and is effective immediately.

Please download correct policy from Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s web site.

LE CORDON BLEU -Scholarship Application Form for Tourism Management 2016-2017

LE CORDON BLEU -Scholarship Application Form for Convention and Event Management 2016-2017

Le Cordon Bleu Australia Deferral Form

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