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New Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College Courses

PG Business programs require an IELTS score of 6.5, students scoring 6.0 do not have many options at the PG level especially in the Business field.

Noting this, Fanshawe College are offering 2 years BUS1-Business diploma for advanced standing. This option is available for students  who have a Bachelors in Business, Commerce, Management Studies.

  • Students get entry into 2nd Year of BUS1-Business Diploma – letter of acceptance will mention clearly that advanced standing has been provided and that the students starts in Level 3.
  • Student can apply for a combined program – 2nd year of BUS1-Business Diploma plus a PG Program. The same letter of acceptance will mention both program. The LOA will be like in the case of our Culinary Mgmt +PG Artisanal Culinary option. Example attached.

Application Process

  • Please apply through the regular process
  • Make sure that student holds B Com, BBA, BMS, BBS with no fails in business subjects
  • At least IELTS SCORE OF 6.0 with no band less than 5.5, student can apply for conditional as well.
  • In the program – Clearly mention Business Advanced Standing. Also, clearly mention the PG program that this needs to be combined with.


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  1. dalmeet says : Reply

    Sir, I donr BCA in 2015 with 61% and ielts score is overall 6(r=6, l=6, s =5.5, w=5.5)
    . I want to apply software testing PG diploma in fanshwe college. Am I eligible for this???

    • Geebee Counsellor says : Reply

      As per your academic qualification you can apply for post graduate diploma programs in Canadian Colleges. Please find the link of colleges and courses available:
      The IELTS score should be overall 6.5 with no band less than 6 for application and Visa perspective for post graduate diploma programs in Canadian Colleges. Do re appear for IELTS exam and mail us your complete scanned education documents so we can help you out with further application and admission process.

  2. ann says : Reply

    I have only 6 ( S-5.5,W-6,L-5.5,R-6) for ielts… am interested to do project management in Fanshawe college. I have 87% for bba. can I eligible for doing project management in Fanshawe college

    • Geebee Counsellor says : Reply

      For applying for post graduate diploma programs in Canadian the IELTS requirement should be overall 6.5 with no band less than 6. Do reappear for IELTS again and mail us your complete education documents on, so we can assist you in further process of application and admission.

    • ROHIT says : Reply

      ir/Mam I’ve done in civil (2011 batch) and cleared in 2015 with 6 backlogs. Is Fanshawe is a good choice for me, will i be accepted.

  3. Pavan says : Reply

    I have completed Btech in 2009 with 59 % and 12 backloga, i have 7 years of work experience and 7.0 IELTS (with no band less than 6.0) I want to pursue PG diploma courses in Management in SPP colleges, what colleges i can get admission..Please suggest.

  4. Manoj Kumar says : Reply

    Sir/Mam I’ve done in Computer science (2011 batch) and cleared in 2015 with 18 backlogs. Is Fanshawe is a good choice for me, will i be accepted.
    10- 77%
    +2- 59% 65%
    IELTS- 7.5 R- 8.5 L- 8.5 W-6 S-7

  5. shahrukh says : Reply

    Hi sir,
    I have completed B.E aeronautical with 72% i want to do a PG diploma in canada, what should i choose mechanical stream or aeronautical? And the courses which I see in fanshawe college is it a PG level course? because i see its no where mentioned that a bachelor’s degree is required before taking up the course. Please give me your valuable advise.

  6. Lovleen says : Reply

    Sir i have done my btech in computer science in june 2015 with 74% marks and i got overall 6 bands in ielts with l:7, r:6 , s:5. 5, w:5. 5 can i get admission in your college ?

    • Geebee Counsellor says : Reply

      Yes, you can try applying to Fanshawe college for Post graduate diploma in any computer science related specialization, but it would be advisable that you reappear for your IELTS for Visa purpose s the minimum requirement for the same is a minimum score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0.

  7. Kowshika says : Reply

    Hi Team,

    I have completed my btech with 72% and 4+years experience , also i have scored 6.0 with no band less than 5.5.Please suggest courses related to business side as my experience is in sales and operation track.

  8. Hello sir
    I have completed my b.Tec with 61.7% and got 6 band in ielts with no band less than pls suggest me than can I get admission in pg diploma(construction project management)

  9. Mandeep Singh Dhaliwal says : Reply


    I have done my (Mechanical) in Nov-2013 with 70%.I have 2 years working experience in a private limited company as a Production Engineer. ILETS score is 6.0 (S-6,L-6,W-5.5,R-5.5).am I eligible for any PG Diploma in this college if not then plz suggest me any another option.

    • Geebee Counsellor says : Reply

      Academically your scores are good enough for any Post Graduate diploma in Canada. But you are recommended to give your IELTS again as most of the colleges have their minimum requirement for 6.5 overall and with no band less than 6.0.
      Please let us know the specialization you are looking for so that we can guide you in the best possible way.

  10. Sunny says : Reply

    My profile 74% in computer science engineering
    Ielts 6 band no less than 5.5
    Plz suggest me list of colleges that accepting me with this score?

  11. amirhossein hashemi says : Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to ask you about Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering Program. I am Amirhossein Hashemi and my major is mechanical engineering and recently I have accepted for permanent resident of Canada.
    I have 4 years work experience. I want to ask you that if it is a proper program for me? I am worry about finding job in Canada. Does this program help me find a good job? What is your suggestion for which wants to come to Canada as a newcomer?
    Do you accept General IELTS? My overall band score is 7.
    I would be extremely grateful if you could provide me some information about this program in detail.
    I look forward to receiving your response.
    Yours faithfuly,
    Amirhossein Hashemi

  12. gagan says : Reply

    recently i have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science branch with 70% and got overall 6.0 bands in IELTS but 5.5 in reading module. can i apply for Post Graduate Diploma in Fanshawe College …? please rply me soon

    • Geebee Counsellor says : Reply

      You can apply for course in Fanshawe college as well as there are some more college which will accept you with these scores. Let us know the intake you are planning ass well as the course. Also kindly mail us your detailed CV on or contact us for further assistance in your applications.

  13. Rubeena khan says : Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I have done in ece with 81.05% in 2014.My ielts score is 6 L-6.5,R6,S-6.5…plz suggest me some course

  14. mayank says : Reply

    sir plz let me know that what are the area and job position do we get after doing practical elements of mechanical engineering in fanshawe college. …

    • Geebee Counsellor says : Reply

      It all depends on your academic performance throughout and relevant industry experience, demand in this field. This program eventually offers you intensive training of practical elements of mechanical engineering linked with the professions like CAD, Machining, Welding etc.

  15. amrit says : Reply

    i had done my btech in mechanical engineering nd ielts band overall6 and no less then5.5 in any module .can i apply to fanshawe college for pg program of practical element of mechanical engineering with this ielts bands

    • Geebee Counsellor says : Reply

      For PG Diploma course in Fanshawe college, IELTS requirement is 6.5 with no band less than 6. But if you have a first class in your B. Tech i.e. 65% and above they may consider you with an IELTS of 6 with no band less than 5.5. For any further query contact us on

  16. MANSI says : Reply

    I am from b tech background, is there any course available for me at PG level in fanshawe college

    • Geebee Counsellor says : Reply

      There are courses available at PG levels in Fanshawe College related to mechanical and IT background. For Post Graduate programs, Fanshawe College requires academic percentage of 50% and above. IELTS test score will also be required. An Overall score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 is required for Post Graduate programs.

      Kindly let me know what specialization have you done in B Tech.
      What was your overall percentage? Did you have any backlogs?
      In which year have you completed your bachelors?

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