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The Canadian Visa Office will only accept applications with the updated checklist so please always refer to the website version when submitting new applications to ensure that the application is complete.

The Canadian High Commission in India, in collaboration with Canadian Colleges, commit to the continuation and growth of the Student Partners Program with the following updates:

1. For post graduate academic program applications, SPP Partner colleges and their representatives commit to submitting SPP applications from students with minimum Second Division/Class degrees with an overall minimum score of 50%.
George Brown College will only issue a letter of acceptance for post graduate program applications that have the following university transcript minimums:

• First Class with Distinction – above 75%
• First Class – above 60% OR
• Second Class – 50% – 59%

2. Student applicants must submit a completed and signed Student Partners Program checklist, using the format provided by the visa offices, including the declaration attesting that the student has never before been refused a Study Permit to Canada.

3. Student applicants submit a copy of the most recent diploma or leaving certificate, and the most recent degree or diploma’s full mark sheets (consolidated marks sheets are not acceptable).

4. Students MUST demonstrate the purchase of a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution, in the amount of $10,000 CAD to cover living expenses for their first year in Canada.

For information regarding the Student GIC program please visit :,,5698,00.html

The following important issues to improve the SPP program for all:

Extra Documents: clear statements on the SPP cover sheet state that no additional documents are to be submitted. Please make sure it comply with this requirement as “non-compliant” applications will be processed outside of SPP by The visa offices.

Late Applications: Applications should be submit under SPP be submitted not less than 4 weeks before the start of class. It is strongly recommended by the Visa Office that you submit the applications by 01 December for January entry and by April 1 for May entry. Applications for a Study Permit received after these dates will not normally be processed in time for the start of class and will likely be refused.

Repeat applications:

Students who have previously been refused any Canadian Study Permit application are not eligible to apply under SPP. The Visa Office still received repeat applications, often re-submitted after a refusal letter with the same documents and frequently third and even fourth applications. The Visa Office is required to assess all applications submitted and by administrative practice they ensure a second application is reviewed by a different officer. Naturally, however, the refusal rate of subsequent applications is very high. This alters SPP data significantly. As the program grows, the number of previously refused applicants grows. SPP is designed to be a high-efficiency processing system for low risk, high approval rate applications. Previously refused applications do not fit that description. The Visa Office will consider only one application per applicant as an SPP application. All subsequent applications for the same candidate will be processed outside of SPP.

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32 Responses to “Student Partnership Program – SPP”

  1. Aulakh says :

    Hi sir ,
    My Ielts score is 6.5 (L-6.5 R-7 S-5.6 W-6)
    10th score is 68%
    12(science) score is 72%
    I want to apply under spp in computer programming for January intake
    I have sufficient funds .
    Will it be positive for getting visa.

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      You can apply for undergraduate diploma programs in Computer Programming for January intake 2017. For January intake the application process is still going on. Do mail your complete scanned documents on, as soon as possible so we can proceed with further process.

  2. Diksha says :

    I am pursuing PGDM in finance and marketing and expecting to get around 6.5 cgpa and it ll complete in may 2017. I got 78% in 10th and 74% in 10+2 non med and I got 48% in with one year gap as I was doing CA course that tym but dint clear it. Also,i scored overall 6.5 bands in Ielts with at least 6 band in each. I am looking for PG certificate course related to finance and management as my background study for canada under spp. So please guide me that whether I can apply or not as marks could be a problem or they will look for latest degree that is i am eligible for apply under their any chance to get visa.

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      As per your profile you can apply for 1 year Master’s program in countries like UK in January or May 2017 intake. Applying in Canadian college the student must have at least 50% or above in Graduation. For further information please mail us your complete scanned documents on, so we can guide you with further application and admission process.

  3. Komalpreet Saini says :

    Hello, I applied for New Zealand, previously , but they rejected me stating the reason of recent fund transfers. We gave every possible document, but still got rejected, Now, I am planning to go for SPP, CANADA.

    My 10th CGPA is 8.4 and in 12th I got 76.4%. I graduated in Journalism and Mass communication with first division (7.5 CGPA) in july 2015. I got 7.5 with no less than 6.5 in IELTS. I also worked for 3 months as a “PR manager and IELTS Trainer”. Now, I have applied for a Ontario college Graduate Certificate Program in Event Management in Centennial College. I studies Event Management as a subject in my graduation, so I hope it is relevant and the embassy won’t have any issues with that. Another Question, I want to ask is ” Is education loan necessary to apply under SPP” . Actually We have all the funds arranged.

    And if I pay GIC and ! year fee, how much money I Have to show? And what other financial requirements are there to present in my visa Application.

    Please, guide me wisely, I don’t want my visa application to get rejected.

  4. jasmeet says :

    hi there,
    respected maam,
    I have applied for computer programmer diploma this year at Seneca college for Seneca
    I have got overall 6.0 band in IELTS.
    10th grade- 66.5%
    12th grade- 64.5% Maths-54,Eng-66,Comp-78,chem-56,Pun-66
    i have been doing coarse for core Java as well as C++
    i don’t have any funds problem
    But I’ll be soon applying for visa for Canada
    so will there be any chances for refusal??
    i will be thankful to you for your help

  5. Abhishek Verma says :


    i have completed 12th with the non medical subjects in 2015.i have scored 58.8% having 72 in physics and 62 in chemistry and 37 in mathematics.i know i have scored less in mathematics but i have given improvement paper of mathematics on 14 march 2016.Now i have expectations getting around 70 in what are the chances of getting visa of Canada after improvement and how will i apply for my conditional offer letter by old marks or by new marks issued after the improvement.i forgot mentioning about the matriculation and ielts.i have 7.8(CGPA) and scored overall band score of 7.0(L-7.5 R-7.5 S-6.5 W-6.0)
    Thanking You,
    Abhishek verma

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      The Visa rules in Canada are as follows:-
      1. Education gap should not be more than 5 years.
      2. For Undergraduate programs IELLTS score should be 6 with no band less than 5.5 and for post graduate program IELTS score should be 6.5 with no band less than 6.
      3. Percentage of marks should be first class in 12th if you are going for undergradute course and first class if you are going for Post graduate courses.

      • abhishek verma says :

        i am asking about how do i apply my offer letter.and what are the visa chances after improvement exam

        • Geebee Counsellor says :

          Please specify your complete education details, courses and colleges you want to apply for in Canada and IELTS score.

  6. munish chauhan says :

    Hey.! I have done with aggregate 55% marks from,Amritsar. My IELTS scores are overall= 6.5 L=6.5,R=7 W & S= 6
    What are my chances to get visa under SPP…???

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Yes, You can apply for SPP colleges for Post Graduate Diplomas in any specialization related to Business or Commerce and even you are eligible to for Visa process.

  7. Raman says :

    Hi…i did my +2 in medical stream with 66% marks and in bachelor of dental surgery(bds) i got 66.72% marks….and my lelts score is overall 6 bands….listening 7,.reading…6,spea and writing both 5.5….what are the chances that i will get visa for canada Under spp??

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      In order to improve your visa chances —
      1. Reappear for IELTS and get 6.5 with no band less than 6. This is irrespective of the program requirements.
      2. Apply for admission in any relevant program — Masters in Health science / Public Health/ Oral Biology in Universities would be best options. These programs do not come under SPP, but enjoy very high visa success ratio.

  8. anmol says :

    I am persuing final semester in graduation ie . I got 67% in 10th and 65% in 10+2 and I am expecting 55% in bachelor degree which will be completed in may 2016. Also,i scored overall 6.5 bands in Ielts. Listening 7.5, reading 5.5, writing 6.5 and speaking 6.5. I am looking for PG diploma in business management or any masters program relevant to my background study for canada. So please guide me that whether I can apply or not. If yes, then‎ can I apply for conditional offer letter on bases of my 5 semesters of bachelor of Commerce degree.
    Anmol verma

  9. Laxmi says :

    Hello, I need to know when is the deadline for spp category visa application to canada. I have all my documents for applying except gic due to multiple rejection of my application. I’m waiting for the last application done to get processed. It will be okk by December first week. I heard deadline is December 1 for Jan intake but here I saw it should be done at least 4 weeks before starting of classes. I’m accepted to Humber college and classes will start on Jan 11. So is der any chance of getting visa if I submit application before the second week.

  10. Saurabhdeep says :

    Does the university of regina, seskatchewan comes under the SPP program?

  11. Shivam kapoor says :

    I have scored 53% in my bachelor’s degree from panjab university.I consluted with an immigrtion officer and she told me that , she is 100% sure that i will not get the visa because of my low scores because under spp as per new rules they only consider applicants who have scored above 60%.How much of this is true?

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      There is no written rule under SPP which says that student should have minimum 60% marks. However higher the percentage / academic records, better are visa chances

  12. Ke says :

    I got refusal under SPP for September intake 2015, the reason is : your proposed study is not reasonable in the light of past studies, academic scores and language abilities
    My 10th grade is 6.6 out of 10
    my 12th % is 64.4
    my IELTS score is 6.5 ……..listening 8, writing 6, speaking 6.5, reading 5.5

    Should I reapply and what should i do to resolve this reason and also please tell me by what time should i reapply for September 2015 intake

  13. Srishti says :

    I am interested in VIU. If I am taking a bank loan is it still compulsory for me to have deposit under Scotiabank Student GIC Program

  14. sammy says :

    I had given my ielts and I had got 6.0 as overalls. My graduation marks is of 70 % and 12th is of 85%… tell me whether I am eligible or not for graduation in canadian college. Em planning to do 1 yr course in HR

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Most of the post graduate diploma programs in Canada requires Overall IELTS score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0. Though some colleges requires Overall IELTS score of 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 for admission purpose. In which stream have you completed your bachelor’s degree? Kindly send us your updated resume at so that we can help you further accordingly.

  15. Suhail says :

    I have a Masters degree and was applying under SPP for a certificate program.
    1. Do I need to submit my Engg,10th & 12th degree/mark sheets also? I will be submitting only MSc details which is my latest education.
    2. Do I need to submit my work-ex certificates/relieving letters from all my previous employers?
    I do not want to submit unnecessary documents which are not asked in SPP checklist.

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      You will have to submit all the documents which is required as per SPP checklist. If you need any further guidance please contact on the link mentioned below:

  16. Partha says :

    I have paid my 1st semester fee and purchased GIC and even showed education loan! But still i got rejected saying i don’t have enough funds for tuition fee! I haven’t provided any bank statements because they dint want to keep any extra documents, i have provided only ITR’s! what is my application problem!

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      We will need to have a look at the letter that Canadian embassy sent you. Also, we would like to see your offer letter sent by college.

  17. DALJEET SINGH says :



    • Vinayak Kamat says :

      YES. Students have to pay only 1st semesters fees in Advance. Living cost has to be paid by GIC. NO PROOF is required for second semesters fees.

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