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Niagara College is now an ONLINE APPLICATION

For more information CLICK HERE

  • Application fee waived after the payment section on the forms for application fee to be waived

Niagara College – Refund Request Form

Niagara College – Refund Authorization Letter

Note: Also please note that the withdrawal fee is $200.00 for Visa Rejections.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy-

The PTE requirements for admission is as follow:

  • All Master Degrees: 59 (with no section under 56)
  • All UG Degrees/Diplomas: 54 (with no section under 51)
  • All Post Graduate Diplomas: 54 (with no section under 51)

Niagara College Homestay Options

At Niagara College, there is a wealth of student housing including homestay options that include an individual room + full board, residence, and many off campus possibilities.

Should a student want to rent a room and/or an apartment but does not know the area, Niagara College suggests they book a hotel room for a week and see the different options before they sign a lease. Alternately, they can contract a homestay option for a month through the Landing Pad option which allows the students to book a room and look for an apartment in a more relaxed manner.

Please make note of the following in order to fully understand the options.

  1. Residence application is now done only through the residence websites
  2. See attached Homestay Application – there is also an online version.
  3. Off campus living – see attached Hotel options & Rental Websites that are current for now and are updated each term.
  4. Off campus housing options $250 -$300 a month (furnished room with wifi & a bus stop to travel to any campus) can be booked by going to – location is Niagara Falls
  5. Inexpensive airport pick up option less than $100 – can be booked at – for those travelling to Toronto Pearson airport
  6. The Landing Pad option can be seen here

See attached files:

NOTE: A list of rental websites that may be helpful and there are some local landlords who have worked with Niagara College international students before:


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