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University of Manitoba – MBA

The Asper MBA mission is to develop your leadership commitment, management skills, and specialized business expertise so you may excel in business, community and life! Aligned to the mission, the program is made up of three powerfully crafted and integrated components:

  • Executive Leadership – 7.5 credit hours of corporate leadership study and exploration
  • Management Essentials – 40.5 credit hours of general management and business study
  • Advanced Concentration – 12 credit hours of elective study in a selected specialization (Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, Supply Chain Management, Health Administration, Business-Government Relations or the Individual Interdisciplinary Concentration)

To complete the program, you must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of on-campus study, with one credit being equivalent to ten hours of actual in-class time. Courses are normally 1.5 or 3.0 credit hours in length, depending on the nature of the subject and depth of study required. Courses are offered at least once per year, and routinely twice, and are scheduled to optimize on-campus time and course progression, particularly if undertaken full time. Individuals normally start the program in late August, but you can also start in January. The academic year is composed of three seasonal terms – Fall term (August-December), Winter term (January-March), and Spring term (April-July). On a full-time basis, you can complete the program in less than one year (if you start in August), while on a less than full-time basis you can take up to 6 years to complete, with 3 years being the normal part-time duration.

Asper MBA Admission Requirements

1. Previous Academic Achievement – a minimum of a four year bachelor’s degree or a 3 years Bachelor’s Degree PLUS one year Master Degree from an accredited university, having attained in the most recent 60 credit hours of university-level work (or last two years, a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.5 grading scale. Please visit the following website for international equivalency criteria:

· A minimum grade of 55% or higher with a minimum standing of Second Class, Upper Division in the last two years of study, where the typical grading scale is:

UM Scale Indian Scale
A+ 80-100% (First Division)
A 60-79% (First Division)
B+ 57-59% (Second Class, Upper Division)
B 55-56% (Second Class, Upper Division)
C+ 45-54% (Second Class, Lower Division)
C 33-44% (Third Division)
F 0-32% (Fail)

2. Professional & Leadership Experience – a minimum of three years of work experience, preferably in a professional or managerial role.

3. Graduate Study Readiness – a minimum score of 500 on the Graduate Management Admissions Test. For further GMAT details, please visit

4. English Language Proficiency – a minimum score of 80 (internet-based), 213 (computer-based) or 550 (paper-based) on the TOEFL, or comparable CanTest, AEPUCE, IELTS, MELAB results for those applicants who do not hold a secondary school diploma/university degree from a country on the list of approved countries

The score must be no older than two years.

5. Atleast 3 years work experience for MBA

The full information about Graduate Studies English language requirements can be found on their website at:

**Please note: we are unable to waive the GMAT and English language proficiency test score requirements.**

Application Deadlines:

For August start:
January 15 for International applicants
***Please note for applicants interested in completing the MBA program in 1 year, you must apply for an August start***

For January start:
June 15 for International applicants

Application forms and procedures can be found on our website at:


The full program cost (including tuition, course materials, textbooks, health fees, etc.) for 2012-13 is $44,000 CAD for International Students (this amount does not include your living expenses).

MBA students pay their fees on a “per course” basis at the beginning of each academic term. Students only pay for the courses they are registered in each term. There are 3 academic terms – fall term, winter term and summer term.

For detailed fee information please visit:

For cost of living information, please visit the University of Manitoba’s International Centre for Students’ website at:

For further information and application forms, please visit website at:

MBA Challenge Exam Details:

Students who are planning to take one or both of Challenge Exams for MSCI 5110 and MIS 5110 next month, study notes are available on links below.

Further materials will not be provided … students are to self-prepare for these challenge exam.

The exams will be on the following dates, in person at School:

MSCI 5110 – Math challenge exam – August 24th, 2016 – (6:15pm- 8:15pm) – Scotia bank Technology Centre, Drake Centre ground floor

MIS 5110 – IT (Excel) challenge exam – August 25th, 2016 – (6:15pm-8:15pm) – Scotia bank Technology Centre, Drake Centre ground floor

These two courses are auxiliary (outside the MBA 60 credit hours) but MANDATORY requirements of all students in the MBA program (students can satisfy this course requirement either by passing the challenge exam [which can only be attempted once and only before taking the course] or taking and passing the course).

Challenge Exam Study Notes (MIS 5110) Fall 2016

Challenge Exam Study Notes (MSCI 5110) Fall 2016

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