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University of Windsor - Application Instructions

The University of Windsor Advantage

Studying at the University of Windsor is an exhilarating experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

It will add an exceptional and incomparable international dimension to your education.

5 Reasons why you should consider coming to University of Windsor:

1. An International Border City

Located on an international border, the University of Windsor is a University of Windsor - International Border Citydynamic, multi-cultural community. More than 16,500 students from 100 countries study here. The diversity of students on campus—where they are from, what they believe and how they think—will expand your mind.

The University of Windsor is adjacent to the border with the United States, at one of the busiest international crossings in the world. Our unique location means that you can learn about both countries and experience the best of both worlds.

Windsor Highlights:

  • One of the most diverse cities in Canada
  • Small, charming and student-centered—the ideal place for international students to study and live
  • A major manufacturing centre and industrialized hub for research and high technology development
  • Connected to the U.S. by both bridge and tunnel
  • Served by its own airport and Detroit Metro Airport, just 40 minutes away
  • Cinemas, theatre groups, art galleries, coffee shops, shopping malls, museums, dance clubs and a vibrant nightlife
  • Lush parks and trails, including a 10-kilometre waterfront park, just north of the campus
  • As Canada’s southernmost City, Windsor enjoys a warm climate. It is located at the same latitude as northern California and Rome, Italy, and enjoys seven months of short-sleeve weather
  • The average temperature reaches above 10°C (50°F) 223 days of the year
  • Windsor has four distinct seasons—you can enjoy such activities as swimming, scuba diving, street hockey and cross-country skiing, hiking trails and bird watching
  • Lakes Erie, St. Clair and the Detroit River border the city, ensuring mild winters and warm summers.

CANADA: Proudly Diverse

Canada enjoys the reputation of being warm and welcoming to international students.

Its strong economy, high quality of post-secondary education, vibrant cities, and breathtaking natural environments attract thousands of students to study here every year.

Studying in Canada is not only about your academic achievement—it is about enriching your personal experience, enhancing your employability and preparing you to succeed in life.

2. A First-Class Education Experience

We offer 150 undergraduate and graduate academic programs taught by excellent professors. Our high academic standards and international reputation ensure that you will receive a top-quality education that will benefit you over the long term and open doors for your future!

As a top Canadian university, University of Windsor is known for many leading programs. The University offers a broad range of prestigious programs within nine faculties: Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Education; Engineering; Graduate Studies; Human Kinetics; Law; Nursing; Business; and Science.

Our experienced professors—leading scholars, researchers and experts in their areas of study—teach all programs. They bring their extensive University of Windsor - Residence Livingscholarship and wide-ranging, real-world experience into their classrooms. Our professors go the extra mile for their students by guiding them through challenging projects, motivating them to perform at the best of their abilities, and engaging them through active learning.

The University of Windsor is devoted to apply leading-edge technologies to improve the quality of teaching, learning, research, and student services. We continue to expand our campus—most recently we opened our $112-million Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation. We will launch our multi-million dollar downtown campus in 2015.

Our Co-operative Education programs allow international students to earn valuable and hands-on experience in their field of study.

Co-operative programs typically combine four years of academic study with three or four 16-week placements that include such prestigious firms as Deloitte, IBM Canada and Pernod Ricard. Co-op degrees are available in:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration/Computer Science
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (Civil, Environmental, Electrical, Industrial (with or without business minor), Mechanical (with Aerospace, Automotive, Environmental and Materials options))
  • Kinesiology
  • Honours Physics (Physics; Physics and High Technology; Medical Physics)

The University of Windsor is linked worldwide through academic exchange programs. International students are eligible to participate in our exchange programs and enhance their international experience even farther.

3. Exceptional International Student Support

Student-led organizations play a vital role on campus and in the broader community. We have a wide variety of support groups and initiatives that will make your transition here easier.

University of Windsor provides a diverse and student-centered environment to our more than 2,000 international students, from more than 100 countries, who have come here to explore, grow and succeed.

International Student Centre (ISC): www.University of Windsor.ca/isc

Our students refer to the ISC as their home away from home. Our friendly and professional staff offers support and services specifically aimed at ensuring success for every international student studying here.

The ISC is where you can receive academic advising,and transition support. It supports our international student organizations and provides a social space for our students to meet each other. Its pre-departure services and International Student Orientation will help you get to know the campus communities before classes begin.

Volunteer International Students Assistance (V.I.S.A.): www.University of Windsor.ca/visa

V.I.S.A. is a dynamic group that offers both Canadian and international students a chance to interact and participate in fun social events on a weekly basis. If you’re an international student who wants to get to know more people, do things, and have fun, you will love V.I.S.A.!

International Students’ Society (ISS): www.University of Windsor.ca/iss

The ISS represents international students on the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (student government). It also offers a wide array of student activities.

International Student Groups: www.University of Windsor.ca/internationalization/international-studentclubs-organizations

There are more than 100 student clubs, organizations and associations at the University and many of them are international-oriented. These groups are an excellent resource for new, international students at University of Windsor, offering social activities, community service and campus involvement.

Campus Recreation: www.University of Windsor.ca/campusrec

Get active! Work out at our Forge fitness centre, join a fitness class or play on an intramural team. All registered University of Windsor students have FREE access to the gym and fitness facilities with a valid student card.

Multi-faith Space: www.University of Windsor.ca/interfaith

The multicultural aspect of the Windsor community allows for the expression and practice of many religious beliefs. Our multi-faith prayer space and the surrounding community is home to a diverse group of temples and churches.

Residence Living: www.University of Windsor.ca/residence

Choosing where to live while you’re away at school is the most important decision you will make after selecting your program. Living on campus means you’ll be in a dynamic and exciting setting.

Accommodations: University of Windsor offers many accommodation choices from traditional residence rooms to suite-style arrangements.

Residence Support: Our compassionate, well-trained student and full-time professional live-in staff will be on hand 24-7 to support you.

How are rooms assigned?

Rooms in the Alumni and Cartier residences are assigned based on your entrance mark at the residence confirmation date. We assign based on students’ first choice preference while space is available, then assign by the second-choice and finally, by the third-choice.

What will it cost?

  • Single Room: $6,554 -$6,995*
  • Double Room: $5,552-$6,191*

Where will I eat?

You must purchase a meal plan. Meal plans—which provide nutritious, fresh, and ethnically diverse food options for students — range from $3,910 to $4,520* per year for first-year students. They are accepted at nine campus locations and five area restaurants.

*Costs are based on 2013-2014 fees.

4. An Affordable Education

The University of Windsor offers one of the most affordable, University of Windsor - An Affordable Educationcomprehensive educational experiences of any university in North America.

The University of Windsor’s cost of living and tuition fees are generally reasonable and competitive compared to other universities in Canada, the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

Tuition and Cost of Living Estimation*

Sample Undergraduate Programs

(based on 5 courses per semester in 8 months)

Business Administration Computer Science Mechanical Engineering
Tuition $19,030 $17,330 $20,170
Incidental Fees   $1,437   $1,416   $1,465
Textbooks   $1,000   $1,500   $1,000
Living Expenses   $7,000   $7,000   $7,000
Total (CAD) $28,467 $26,746 $29,635


  • * Please use our Fee Estimator (www.University of Windsor.ca/cashiers) to find out the exact cost of the tuition and incidental fees for both undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • ** The estimated costs for tuition and living expenses should be used as a guide only. Actual cost also varies greatly from student to student depends on the life style of the students.
  • *** Information for fees for the Professional Programs offered by the Centre for Executive and Professional Education is available at www.University of Windsor.ca/professional.

5. Obtain Canadian Work Experience

Enhance your work experience through co-op programs, internships and University of Windsor - Obtain Canadian Work Experiencepaid research assistantships.

You will have the opportunity to add valuable work experience to your resumé by applying for work on-campus, off-campus and after graduation.

Field Placements / Practicums: Most of our academic programs have practical experience built right in, and some offer field placements and practicums.

Volunteer Internship Program (VIP): VIP students participate in supervised situations at field sites, working with various non-profit or not-for-profit community agencies and government offices. They contribute at least 40 hours of volunteer work over a 10-week period to gain career-related, work experience.

Co-operative Education (Co-op): Our co-op programs allow students to combine their academic studies with paid work experience.

Post-graduation Work Permit: Canadian government allows international students who have graduated from a recognized Canadian academic institution to work in Canada for up to a maximum of three years. More information can be found at www.cic.gc.ca


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  1. sair says :

    I am interested in master of medical biotechnology in university of windsor the course duration is 16 months and it is spread across 4 semester so my question is will I get a work permit of 3 years as the course is of 4 semester please do reply Thank you

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Duration of post study work permit depends upon the exact definition of duration provided by university. If the program is defined as 4 semesters- 2 years, then you will get 3 years work permit. If it is defined as 4 semesters – 16 months, then you will get 16 months work permit. Please check with the university catalog.

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