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About Vancouver Film School

Founded in 1987, Vancouver Film School (VFS) is the largest entertainment arts school in Canada.
Vancouver Film School offer 13 world-class post-secondary programs spanning every aspect of the entertainment arts. Vancouver Film School unique educational model balances theory and hands-on production so that, after just one year, you’re prepared to launch your dream career.

Vancouver Film School believe that one year of concentrated production work, combined with industry-led theory, is more valuable than four years of purely theoretical instruction. This unique educational model has proven to be successful across Vancouver Film School programs, allowing students to achieve more in one year – or less – than at any other school.

Students at VFS receive a rigorous and comprehensive education including lectures, tutorials, productions, collaborations with other departments, mentorship with working professionals, and insight from guest speakers.

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Led by Industry

Faculty at VFS are established, award-winning professionals who work for top studios, and Vancouver Film School Advisory Boards of industry leaders help shape curriculum so Vancouver Film School programs stay current. They bring the real-world experience student rarely find in tenured academics.

VFS instructors have been celebrated with major awards, including Emmys, and have worked on independent projects and with major studios like ILM, Pixar, Paramount, EMI, PDI/Dreamworks, BioWare, PolyGram, and EA. Instructors’ ongoing ties to industry means that they are your first and often most valuable business network.

Results Matter

At VFS, results matter: the work student create while student are here, Vancouver Film School 3D_Molina_Stillas well as the success in your chosen field. In one year or less, VFS students create a professional-quality film, reel, or portfolio that demonstrates their abilities and talent. VFS films have been screened at major festivals around the world, including Cannes, Siggraph, and Tribeca. Design pieces have won awards at international festivals such as Animex and MI6.

VFS alumni have been honoured at the Emmys, Independent Spirit Awards, and Golden Globes; they work for companies like Pixar, Lucasfilm, Electronic Arts, and Blizzard Entertainment; and over the last 25 years, they’ve contributed to more major films, TV shows, and video games than Vancouver Film School can count, including Avatar, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, Family Guy, Toy Story 3, and District 9.

Creating in Vancouver

Year after year, Vancouver is named one of the world’s best cities. It’s also home to booming film, animation, and game industries. Student will interact with this professional world during your year and have more doors open to you upon graduation.

Vancouver is often called Hollywood North for its thriving industries in film, TV, animation, design, video games, and sound production. The result is you have access to the industry while you’re still in school through your instructors, who are also currently working in the industry, as well as experienced and connected mentors and top guest speakers.

Visit www.vfs.com for more information.

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