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Auckland Institute Of Studies New Zealand Newsletter December 2013

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AIS TEP – Test of English Proficiency (TEP)

Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) Test of English Proficiency (TEP) is now recognized by Immigration New Zealand as an alternative to IELTS as Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) Test of English Proficiency (TEP)an English Language Entry Requirement. If students do not wish to take the IELTS test, then they can appear for Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) – Test of English Proficiency (TEP) Exam. Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) also conducts Test of English Proficiency (TEP) Exams at the St. Helens campus on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. TEP workshops are also conducted on Wednesdays for students who fail the test by a narrow margin, and they will be able to repeat the test on the following day. A book of TEP practice tests is available to buy at a cost of $25.


Auckland Institute of Studies - PGDBA-MBA 6 Intakes per year

PGDBA / MBA 6 Intakes per year!

Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) fastest growing programme, the PGDBA / MBA, is now starting 6 times per year, in February, March, May, July, September and November. Classes are concentrated over the weekends on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, allowing students the opportunity to work during the week.


Free English Offer

Auckland Institute of Studies - Free English Offer

Students who pay the tuition fees for a full year of undergraduate diploma/degree will be able to eligible to study 6 weeks of English for free in AIS English Language Centre. Those enrolled and paid the tuition fees for one year of postgraduate study will be able to take advantage of 12 weeks of free English classes. A variation available requires that only the full ELC course is paid first, for an enrolment in an English + diploma/degree package, with the free English component provided as a credit towards the later payment of the diploma/degree qualification at the time when the student extends to the diploma/degree qualification. The Free English Offer is available to students enrolling from overseas or here in New Zealand.


AIS St Helens is no more!

And finally in this newsletter, here is an article I wrote recently on the recent AIS rebrand.

Auckland Institute of Studies - AIS St Helens is no more

AIS St Helens is no more. Following an extensive brand audit and rebranding process, the Mount Albert TEO has emerged with crisp new branding, a new set of guiding values and is now known as Auckland Institute of Studies, or simply AIS.

For six weeks over July and August Auckland branding agency The Fount were engaged to conduct the brand audit.  Hundreds of internal and external stakeholders including students, alumni, directors, managers, agents and staff were interviewed and surveyed.

The audit confirmed that there is considerable good will toward the institute and a considerable amount of brand equity exists, particularly amongst the extensive overseas agent network which has been such a key part of AIS’s success over the last 24 years.

However, the variety of perceptions evident amongst other stakeholders, indicated a renewed focus was needed to provide direction in the challenging market conditions that exist in the New Zealand export education industry.

“The challenge for us was how to develop consensus amongst all stakeholders, and a strategic direction forward, without making changes which would damage the considerable amount brand equity that exists offshore,” says Marketing Manager Shane Ball.

Four guiding values were proposed as a result of the brand audit: Quality Education, Individual Focus, Supportive Environment, and Real World Success.

“These four values have really allowed us to develop consensus and have been a great tool in facilitating decision making and sharpening up our communications. In terms of positioning they make the most of our strengths – at AIS we pride ourselves on the high levels of individual attention our students receive and we work hard to provide an environment where they feel comfortable during their time with us. We also ensure they receive a quality education which will serve them well and give them choices in the future.”

zThe new branding is crisp, clean, and contemporary, featuring the red and black colours which have always been associated with the Institute – but with a splash of orange to differentiate from a Canterbury identity. The traditional academic logo has been modernised and the name simplified to clearly identify the institution and its location. St Helens Campus now bears the name paying homage to the property’s previous incarnation as St Helen’s MaternityHospital. A photo shoot was conducted and resulted in a new and more intimate approach to the institution’s photography, revealing a commitment to the Individual Focus value.

“We have emerged refreshed and rejuvenated from the rebrand and are looking forward to taking on the challenges facing us in 2014 with a renewed sense of self confidence.”.

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