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Cornell 360 Queen street campus

About Cornell Institute Of Business And Technology

Cornell Institute Of Business & Technology is a leading PTE of New Zealand offering a range of courses in Business, Information Technology, Professional Cookery, Hospitality Management and Early Childhood Education. Students come to Cornell Institute Of Business & Technology from all over the world and get an opportunity to develop their potential through their educational experiences with us.

Cornell Institute Of Business & Technology have a reputation for quality education and this is reflected in the graduates. Many of graduates are now employed in good positions in different industries of NZ.

Cornell Institute Of Business & Technology are passionate about quality based education and have consistently focused on improving & refining the way learning is delivered in the classrooms. This has resulted in the stakeholders perceiving the brand “Cornell” as quality based education in New Zealand.

Programmes offered:

Name of the Course Length of Study Tuition Fee Material Fee
Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision (Advanced) (Level 5) 1st year $18,500 $2,000
Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision (Advanced) (Level 5) 2nd Year $11,000 $1,000
Diploma in Professional Cookery (Level 5) 1 year $19,500 $2,000
Diploma in Software Development (Level 7) 1 year $16,000 $1,200
Diploma in Information Technology (Networking Technology and Management) (Level 7) 1 year $16,000 $1,200
Diploma in Information Technology (Networking Technology and Administration) (Level 5) 1st year $16,000 $1,200
Diploma in Information Technology (Networking Technology and Management) (Level 7) 2nd year $11,000 $1,200
National Diploma in Business Level 5 (Until April) New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) (Operational Management) (From July intake ) 1st year $16,000 $1,200
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Strategic Management) (Level 6) 2nd year $11,000 $1,200
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Strategic Management) (Level 6) 1 year $16,000 $1,200
Cornell Diploma in Business Studies (Level 7) 1 year $16,000 $1,200
Diploma in Health (Advanced) (Applied Management) (Level 7) 1 year $16,000 $1,200
Diploma in Hospitality (Operational Management) (Room Division Management)(Level 5) 1st year $16,000 $1,500
Diploma in Hotel Management (Level 6) 2nd year $14,000 $1,500

Professional Cookery:

  1. Diploma in International Culinary Arts level 5

Info on Cookery courses at Cornell: http://cornell.ac.nz/c-culinary


  1. National Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 5

Info on Hospitality Management courses at Cornell: http://cornell.ac.nz/h-curriculm

Early Childhood Education:

  1. National Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care. Level 5.

Info on ECE course at Cornell: http://cornell.ac.nz/ch-curriculum

Why Study at Cornell:

  • Cornell Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT) is one of Auckland’s leading education providers.
  • Centrally located on two inner-city campuses, Cornell is only a short distance from all the major tourist attractions and the commercial business centre of the city.
  • All the facilities are ultramodern with spacious and learner-friendly classrooms and computer laboratories.
  • Cornell also is a registered Prometrics Centre where Microsoft® Certification Examinations can be undertaken as well as Pearson Vue Centre where CISCO Certification Examinations can be undertaken.
  • There are three new and well-equipped commercial cookery facilities and a training restaurant and barista service area.



Cornell is based in the heart of the city of Auckland, “the city of sails” a vibrant and happening place with lots of natural beauty. With a population of about 1.4 million Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and commercial capital, offering everything that is required for an unforgettable international study experience. The city is surrounded by beautiful and unspoilt beaches, islands and many native forests, and offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle, while maintaining a natural environment.

A mild climate allows you to enjoy the beautiful beaches and outdoor lifestyle at any time of the year. The city prides itself on its cultural diversity and natural beauty, and there are numerous fine international restaurants, galleries, concert venues, theatres and many other cultural facilities.

Student placement support:

Cornell has an in house student placement support department, which helps the students with finding employment. Students are allowed to work part time 20hr/week during their study and full time during Christmas vacation. Cornell helps them with their job placements both part time and full time.

Online visa services:

Cornell has an online visa services in campus and students can apply for their student visa extensions and graduate job search visas online from the campus.

Cornell Website: www.cornell.ac.nz


14 Responses to “About Cornell Institute Of Business And Technology”

  1. Md Rashedul Islam says :

    I am studying BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. I’m interested in Diploma in Software Development course. can I get admission? How minimum IELTS point you accept? Have you any scholarship system?

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      The entry requirement for Diploma in Software Development Level 7 at Cornell Institute of Business and Technology is IELTS score 6.5 with no band less than 6, And a relevant study background.
      Scholarship depends upon the academic and overall performance in co-curricular activities of the student.
      To know more mail us at info@geebeeworld.com

  2. rahul says :

    * Are there any part time job avaliable during studies and what type of job are there and how much they paid for 1 hour
    * If one student coming from another country so how much time they take to get a part time job
    * And if we are going in Hotel management diploma in hospitality in cornell PBRS so they paid interenship to the student and job placement or not ??
    * In this field is there any job after completing the course

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Hi Rahul,

      Yes during studies you can work 20 hrs/week part time. These are odd jobs what you will be doing like working in restaurants, supermarkets etc
      You can get minimum 10 NZ$/hour.
      The college will assist you for the full time jobs but there is no guarantee as it depends on the students to students how smart they are to clear and bag the job.

  3. ramandeep singh says :

    i have done graduation in 2014 in computer application then i did job for a year then i did ielts and i got 6.5 so now which course would be best for myself and what would be the cost?

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Hi Ramandeep,

      You are eligible for postgraduate level 8 programs in New Zealand. Cornell Institute does not have PG programs but there are many options available in NZ. One of the Geebee Counselors will contact you for the further process.

  4. Jatinderpal Singh says :

    i m belong to India
    I want to do study in ur college in Hospitality
    i have done 12th with Non – Medical. in 2013 with 64 %
    also i got overall 5.5 band scores so. can i apply. in Hospitality

    plz. reply

  5. jagmeet says :

    Is cornell institute’s campus available in Hasting city
    Please reply

    • Geebee Counsellor says :


      • Hardeep singh says :

        I am Hardeep Singh from India and i just want know that i have a experience of Dominos, can i get addmission in the Cookery Course in Cornell Institute without IELTS

  6. vikas says :

    as I belong to india , can I get loan service, because I belong to a middle class family, as a consequence we are unable to pay full fee, then can I get loan , plz , reply , as soon as posible.

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      You can approach to any Nationalized Bank for Educational Loan .
      Every Bank will have their own Terms and Condition to provide you for Educational Loan you can visit Banks in Person and can get all the details.

  7. vikas says :

    Can student get work permit after complete their education ?,

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Yes students are eligible to get work permit after completing their respective education.

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