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The New Zealand Aviation industry is based in Matamata airfield, in the Waikato farmlands. The area has about 6000 people, settled at the base of the Kaimai Ranges. The updrafts from these slopes make this region and it encompasses a world-class area for flying, coasting and different exercises.

There are several benefits like no activity lights, an accommodating way of life, safe groups and well-disposed local people. City attractions are close with Auckland only an hour and a half away and Hamilton a short 40-minute drive.

Places of interest

The airfield is located near Hobbitton which is a set from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. Kaimai cheese factory and Opal Hot Springs are the places where you can visit while pursuing the course. There are likewise backwoods and stream strolls, trail rides, horse riding, angling, shorelines and surfing close by.

Pastoral Care

Studying abroad is a challenging experience. There are likewise backwoods and stream strolls, trail rides, horse riding, angling, shorelines and surfing close by. Though the institution seems to be small, it provides hands on guidance and individual attention to each student. Students safety and success are the most important factor taken into consideration by the institution. You approach a full scope of methodology, bolster administrations and different devices to guarantee an ideal preparing knowledge.


The very best and cheap accommodation for the students is sharing a house with the fellow student. This helps the students to make friends and settle down faster in a new country. They can share kitchen, shower, and laundry with the fellow student and can live in Matamata for $200 to $250 every week. New Zealand Aviation can help with orchestrating convenience if wanted. The students should arrange their own vehicle to and from the Airfield, numerous understudies purchase an auto while examining.

New Zealand Aviation Pilot Training


The passionate and welcoming instructor welcomes the students and makes their stay comfortable which helps them to achieve their goals and have fun while doing it. Customs are kept alive at New Zealand Aviation, so keep an eye out for the chilly Matamata water after first solo flight. Professional Courses for the past five years, the university has been training the pilots and feels very proud to be the successful in the field with excellent safety records. The instructor takes the students one step closer to their success.

Currently the university offers

  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Multi-engine instrument rating

How long will it take to complete study?

Every course is of different time duration. The international students are expected to enrol names in a full-time course for visa requirement. Integrated Commercial Pilots License and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating 12 months, Private Pilot’s License 3 months, Commercial Pilots License 8 months, Multi-engine Instrument rating 3 months.

The institution also offers Commercial Pilots License with DCGA multi-engine requirements course for Indian nationals which are of shorter duration course of 10 months. Educational cost for ground hypothesis subjects is necessary to every single worldwide understudy and is organized into the above course spans.

The Admission Process

The New Zealand Aviation provides a world-class learning experience to its students. All applications will be handled on a first-start thing out serve premise. The group of chefs and teachers will investigate all applications to guarantee a fair survey. Various steps need to be followed while applying for the course.

Entry Criteria

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years or above
  • Should have current class 1 Medical certificate
  • Exhibit the capacity to embrace the Program with a sensible probability of achievement, confirm by fruition of an obligatory determination meet and additionally clear psychometric test

The institution has regular intakes for the students throughout the year. Completing the course from New Zealand Aviation industry will help the students become the best pilot in the field.

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