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About EAE Business School

EAE Business School is a global center for higher education founded in 1958 with a focus on management. Throughout the 56 years of history, EAE Business School have been trusted by more than 65,000 executives and professionals from 72 nationalities, belonging to both national and international companies, institutions and organizations devoted to a variety of fields.

EAE Business School mission is to train professionals in all fields, making them capable of sustainable leadership for organizations, through programs that combine practical, worthwhile content and services centered on the participant. EAE is a business school that is accessible and open to sharing knowledge with participants, staff and partners worldwide, which is something that is essential in the current knowledge-based society. EAE Business School agreements for academic and institutional collaboration that maintains with more than 80 universities and business schools in 27 different countries, and more than 2,000 signed collaboration agreements with national and international companies are proof of accessibility and willingness to share knowledge.

EAE Business School work to pass on to the participant’s knowledge that is both applicable and current thanks to the methodology, in which the student is the center of all activities. EAE Business School takes into account both the academic part of the program and the students’ enrichment outside the classroom. To do so, last year EAE Business School organized more than 150 events in which more than 5,000 professionals from EAE, both current students and alumni, participated.

Finally, EAE Business School always seeks to address expectations in a way that is reliable and satisfying to the student. Currently, 97% of the students recommend us to others when finishing one of programs.

The way of understanding higher education has allowed EAE Business School to be recognized in 2013 as one of the top 25 business schools in the world according to América Economía, one of the top 50 European business schools with high employability rates for MBA students and this year EAE Business School gain one position and be recognized as the second most reputable business school in Spain according to the Ranking MERCO 2014. Once again this year EAE Business School master’s programs are among the best in Spain according to the ranking of El Mundo 2013.

This success demands that EAE Business School continue growing every day as an educational institution, a challenge that meets through constant academic innovation, which EAE Business School offer to both the students as well as to the international academic and business community.

  • 97 out of every 100 students recommend us.
  • Since creation in 1958, EAE Business School has trained more than 65,000 executives.
  • Students from 72 different nationalities and 5 continents.
  • In 2013, 56% of students were international.
  • +2,000 students were trained in classrooms in 2013.
  • 45% of students are from Europe, 49% from America, 3% from Asia, 2% from Africa and 1% from Oceania.
  • 95% of students have professional experience.
  • 19% are CEOs, 27% are executives and middle managers, and 54% have a technical or professional background.


  • 57% are women and 43% men.
  • 30% of students are from Europe, 64% from America, 3% from Asia, 2% from Africa and 1% from Oceania.
  • Their average length of professional experience is 3.5 years.
  • The average student age is 27. 


  • 42% are women and 58% men.
  • 79% of the students are Spanish, and 21% are international.
  • Their average length of professional experience is 9 years.
  • The average student age is 33. 

The School

  • + 10,000 square meters of facilities on three campuses, one in Madrid and two in Barcelona.
  • +than 40,000 hours of training per year.
  • More than 450 professors, 37% of them international.
  • 80% complement their professional activity with teaching.
  • The first business school in Spain to distribute an official university master’s degree (2006).
  • EAE Business School has agreements with more than 80 universities and business schools in 27 different countries.
  • EAE Business School has more than 2,000 collaboration agreements with national and international companies.
  • + 800 new agreements signed with companies.
  • EAE Business School has received employment offers for students to work in 37 countries.
  • EAE Business School has received employment offers for students to work in 28 different sectors.
  • 3,376 employment offers and internships received for EAE students in 2013.
  • 37,091 selection processes managed in 2013.
  • 152 events organized in 2013.
  • These activities have been attended by more than 5,000 professionals.
  • The online conferences have been viewed from 65 countries. 


  • 152 events per year.
  • Attended by +5,000 professionals including current students and alumni.] 

The EAE Business School strives to guarantee that the student’s learning experience is as enriching as possible and that it takes place both inside and outside the classroom. The following activities are available to EAE students.

[1] Student Welcome Activities, the tools and necessary activities to assist with the student’s integration into the EAE community before the beginning of the course.

  •  Online Welcome Classroom with information on housing, the academic calendar, legal information and what to do before arriving on campus.
  • Welcome Week, welcome activities during the first week of the course.
  • Workshop on Legal Issues
  • Spanish for Foreigners Workshop. 

[2] Update Activities, monthly activities and events that allow students to be up-to-date on Management subjects. 

  • Management Conferences with experts on current management topics.
  • Web Conferences on Trends and Innovation in Management.
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions.
  • Access to the Digital Library of Management, with more than 13,000 volumes and subscriptions to Times magazine and the Harvard Deusto Business Review. 

[3] Networking Activities to maximize student satisfaction by providing a space for students, professionals and EAE professors to meet.

Monthly networking activities are organized, focusing on student social and cultural formation, as well as cultural visits to museums, cultural tours and different athletic activities (Running by Barcelona and Madrid, Football and Padel Tennis Leagues).

Other annual activities are the Traditional Celebration of Christmas in Solidarity, in which the students collaborate with a food bank, aShared Christmas Concert, a Blood Drive with the Red Cross and the International Dinner, a gastronomical celebration in which students from different countries and cultures share the best dishes from their cuisine.

The culmination of the academic year is marked by the Graduation Ceremony, in which EAE students experience an unforgettable day.


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