Bournemouth University Courses

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Bournemouth University Courses

Bournemouth University Courses

Bournemouth University PG courses with internships

School of Tourism

The internship can be up to 9 months duration during the course 

  • MSc Tourism Management
  • MSc Events Management
  • MSc Events Marketing
  • MSc Hotel and Food Services Management
  • MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • MSc Retail Management and Marketing
  • MSc Sport Management
  • MSc Sustainable Tourism Planning
  • MSc Tourism Management and Marketing 

School of Design, Engineering and Computing

The internships have a duration of 12 months after the course 

  • MSc Applied Data Analytics
  • MSc Computer Games Technology
  • MSc Information Technology
  • MSc Enterprise Information Systems

Business School

The internships are up to 3 months duration during the course

  • The Bournemouth MBA
  • MSc Consumer Behaviour
  • MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
  • MSc International Management
  • MSc Marketing Management
  • MSc Management with Human Resources
  • MSc Management with Project Management
  • MSc Corporate Governance
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc International Accounting and Finance
  • MSc International Economics and Finance
  • MSc International Finance
  • MSc International Investment and Finance
  • MSc International Risk Management and Finance
  • MSc International Taxation and Finance 

Media School

The internship  is for the duration of 30 weeks

  • MA Media and Communication

The longer placements are usually paid, the shorter ones in the Business School are more likely to be voluntary positions.

Note: Bournemouth University will state the full length of the programme on the CAS to include the placement. If the student changes his or her mind, then Bournemouth University will inform the UKBA of the reduced length of the visa.


18 Responses to “Bournemouth University Courses”

  1. naina says : Reply

    i have done my bachelor in commerce
    i wish to pursue MSc Marketing Management frm the mentioned university.
    please guide me !
    i want to know abt the entire procedure that takes into get admission into this course
    thank you

  2. anamika says : Reply

    i want to do MSc Finance from the above university
    my cv is as below
    10th 67.8%
    12th 58.7%
    15th 67.7% Bcom
    my IELTS is 6.5
    will i make it to the university?

  3. ravi says : Reply

    I want to do MSc International Economics and Finance
    My B.Com Final Year percentage was 62%
    Will I get admission with such percentage?
    plz reply

  4. dashrat says : Reply

    my bio-data is as below
    i want to know Msc in Finance course contents
    i am an eco graduate from delhi school of economics
    my IELTS is 7
    is it better than Msc international accounting & finance?
    if yes then how?
    waiting in anticipitation.
    thank you!

  5. dexter says : Reply

    i am an athlete. n interested in of sport n want to be a sports manager
    i wish to settle in UK
    can u provide me with more course details about Msc in sports Managaemnt.
    thank you!

  6. sneha says : Reply

    i want to study MSc Computer Games Technology from the above mentioned university
    please guide me
    my bio-data is as below
    10th 58.23%
    12th 65%
    15th Bsc in computer animation from Arena Animation
    with A grade
    i am yet to give my IELTS exam is it…
    i will be applying for this university along with other schools but is it the best one?

  7. queen says : Reply

    i am intrested in studying Msc in Corporate Governance
    i am a CA from ICAI
    my IELTS is 5.5
    can i get admission from the bournemouth university.?
    waiting for ur reply!

  8. shreya says : Reply

    I wish to do MSc in Event Management
    I have done my degree in Event Management from the National Institute of the Management Studies.
    I want to know abt the entrance exam and visa procedure
    please guide me

  9. Ishika says : Reply

    I am completing my final year BSc in IT from Mumbai University.
    I want to continue my studying from Bournemouth University from next year.
    I gave my IELTS score and expecting results soon.
    my profile is as below
    10th 70%
    12TH 55%
    Is this score exceptionally good marks at IELTS then may i get admission into the following university

  10. kinjal says : Reply

    My name is Kinjal & I want to pursue MA Media and Communication from University of Bournemouth.
    My profile is as below
    10th 55.90%
    12th 63.5%
    15th 64.109%
    My IELTS is 6.5 with no band less then 6.
    Do I stand a chance to get admission into the the above university?

  11. rechelle says : Reply

    Is Msc in consumer behaviour all abt marketing under Bournemouth University?

  12. Sameer says : Reply

    I am Sameer from Raigad
    I want to do MSc in Hotel and Food Services Management.
    My bio data is given below
    10th 54%
    12th 67%
    15th 89%
    my IELTS is 6.5
    with such scores will i be able to get enrolled in the institution?

  13. raadika says : Reply

    I have a Post-Grad Degree in Mass Communication but I yet feel to do the course once more from abroad and settle there. What all is required to get admitted into the same university for MA Media and Communication?

  14. Lorna says : Reply

    I am Lorna from Mumbai and I am doing BSc at St. Xaviers College. The courses that are offered in Bournemouth University is quite better than the rest. The best part is that internship is offered. Will it be a paid internship?and also I wanted to know that can a student do 2 courses together? If I want to do MSc in Tourism Management and MSc in Information can I do both these courses together?

  15. shailee says : Reply

    I have done BCA from Pune University
    My profile is as below
    10th 73%
    12th 62%
    15th 69%
    My IELTS is only 5 overall
    But my graduation % is more plz help me!

  16. rakesh says : Reply

    I wish to pursue MSc Tourism Management from the Bournemouth University.
    I have done my Hotel Management from Mumbai University.
    please help me with the kind of exams i would be required to give to get admission…:)

  17. ritesh says : Reply

    i want to do MSc Tourism Management from Bournemouth University.
    i have done my bachelors in hotel management along with bachelors in tourism studies from the
    Indira gandhi distance university.
    my IELTS is low 5.5 but i have a prior degree in the tourism will that compensate for my less IELTS marks
    please reply waiting :)

  18. dolly says : Reply

    i have done my graduation frm NMIMS school of Economics
    please help me for my transition frm india to uk for MSc International Economics and Finance at Bournemounth University.
    i have applied but i need bit counselling !

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