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Programs for January 2017 Intake

Course Code


Faculty of Arts & Humanities

ADU171 BA Media and Communications
ADT060 MA Collaborative Theatre Making
ADT040 MA Communication, Culture and Media
ADT050 MA Contemporary Arts Practice
BEST057 MA Diplomacy, Law and Global Change
BEST130 MA English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics
ADT052 MA Graphic Design
ADT051 MA Illustration and Animation
BEST101 MA International Relations
ADT059 MA Painting
BEST059 MA Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security
Faculty of Business & Law
BESU041 BA Accounting & Finance
BESU150 BA Accounting and Finance for International Business (Top Up)
BESU069 BA Business Administration
BESU195 BA Business and Human Resource Management
BESU030 BA Business and Marketing
FBLU005 BA Business Management
FBLU004 BA International Business (Top Up Year 2 or 3 entry)
BEST037 LLM International Business Law
BEST038 LLM International Law
BEST114 MA Advertising and Marketing
BEST115 MA Marketing Management
BEST043 MBA Finance
BEST040 MBA International Business
BEST116 MBA Management
BEST042 MBA Marketing
BEST049 MSc Accounting and Financial Management
BEST054 MSc Finance
BEST056 MSc International Business
FBLT001 MSc International Business Management (for those with non-business background)
BEST084 MSc International Human Resource Management
BEST113 MSc International Marketing
BEST112 MSc Strategic Marketing
FBLT002 MSc International Business Logistics

Faculty of Engineering, Environment & Computing

ECU156 BEng Automotive Engineering
ECU158 BEng Civil Engineering
ECU157 BEng Civil Engineering
ECU102 BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
ECU132 BEng Electronic Engineering
ECU155 BEng Mechanical Engineering
ECU180 BEng Motorsport Engineering
ECU178 BSc Computer Science
ECT093 MSc Automotive Engineering
ECT054 MSc Civil and Structural Engineering
ECT053 MSc Civil Engineering
ECT075 MSc Civil Engineering (Technical Route)
ECT089 MSc Computer Science
ECT109 MSc Construction Management
ECT076 MSc Construction Project & Cost Management
BEST123 MSc Disaster Management
ECT083 MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
ECT069 MSc Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems
BEST124 MSc Emergency Planning and Management
ECT027 MSc Engineering and Management
ECT026 MSc Engineering Business Management
ECT030 MSc Engineering Project Management
BEST046 MSc Environmental Management
ECT090 MSc Forensic Computing
ECT117 MSc Global Logistics
ECT087 MSc Information Technology
ECT023 MSc Management Information Systems
ECT078 MSc Management of Information Technology
ECT094 MSc Mechanical Engineering
ECT091 MSc Network Computing
ECT114 MSc Oil and Gas Engineering
BEST080 MSc Oil and Gas Management
BEST095 MSc Petroleum and Environmental Technology
ECT092 MSc Software Development
ECT029 MSc Supply Chain Management

Faculty of Health & Life Sciences

HLSU015 BA Criminology
HLSU071 BSc Biomedical Science
HLSU068 BSc Psychology
HLSU132 BSc Food and Nutrition
HLSU148 BSc General Nursing (top-up)
HLSU093 BSc Nursing (top-up)
HLSU091 BSc Nursing (top-up)
HLSU154 Certificate (20 credit) Preparation Programme for the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council Registration Tests
HLST083 MSc Biotechnology
HLST136 MSc Biotechnology with Professional Experience
HLST142 MSc Business and Organisational Psychology
HLST152 MSc Business and Organisational Psychology with Professional Experience
HLST148 MSc Global Health Care Management
HLST153 MSc Global Health Care Management with Professional Experience
HLST085 MBA Health Care Management
HLST144 MBA Health Care Management with Professional Experience
HLST104 MSc Molecular Biology
HLST154 MSc Molecular Biology with Professional Experience
HLST088 MSc Pharmacology & Drug Discovery
HLST138 MSc Pharmacology & Drug Discovery with Professional Experience
HLST124 MSc Public Health Nutrition
HLST121 MSc Psychology (blended learning)
HLST145 MSc Business and Organisational Psychology (blended learning)
HLST043 MSc Forensic Psychology and Crime (blended learning)
HLST125 MSc Occupational Psychology (blended learning)
HLST131 MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology (blended learning)

Coventry University London Campus

Course Course
LONU008 BA Global Business Management  (Accelerated for January 2017 only)
LONU010 BA International Finance and Accounting (Accelerated for January 2017 only)
LONU023 BA International Fashion Management and Marketing
LONU004 BA Global Business (Top Up)
LONT014 MSc Global Financial Trading
LONT015 MSc International Fashion Marketing
LONT003 MBA Global Business
LONT006 MBA Global Financial Services
LONT013 MBA International Fashion Management
LONT008 MBA International Human Resource Management
LONT004 MBA International Marketing
LONT005 MBA Oil and Gas Management
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