De Montfort University Leicester International Student Buddy Scheme

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De Montfort University Leicester International Student Buddy Scheme For 2013

Coming to live in a new country is often exciting, though at first it can seem challenging or even a little stressful. Things can seem different from what students are used to in their own country, particularly if English is not first language. The aim of the Buddy scheme is to match newly arrived international students with existing De Montfort University (DMU) students who have already been here for a year or more.

Will there be places available for all students?

De Montfort University (DMU) would like to provide as many new students as possible with buddies, but have a limited number of places on the buddy scheme – this is because they have a limited number of existing student buddies! So the University will allocate places on a “first come, first served” basis. Please note that once the scheme is fully booked, De Montfort University (DMU) may not be able to take further applications at this time.

How will the scheme work?

If students apply to join the scheme, University will match the student with an existing one, who will become their “buddy”. Students will then be invited to a social event in the evening on Wednesday 9th October 2013, when they can meet their buddy and start to get to know them.

Students buddy will then stay in weekly email contact with them and arrange to meet up every 2 weeks. Students are also welcome to contact their buddy if they have any questions whilst at De Montfort University (DMU).

The scheme will operate during the first term only. However, students are of course welcome to stay in contact with their buddy if they both wish to.

How can Student register?

Students can register for the Buddy scheme on De Montfort University (DMU) website at

Once student has registered, University will get in touch with them with more information about the scheme and about meeting their buddy in October 2013.

If students have any questions, they can contact directly at


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