Study Group: Scholarships And Bursaries

Attached at the bottom is the UK/ISC Scholarships flyer.

Key messages for students:

  • If student would like to apply for one of the listed scholarships, they are requested to send alongwith application.
  • Note that student must meet the entry requirements in order to apply for a scholarship, exceptional case students will not qualify for scholarships.
  • Note that for Lancaster and Leicester Business bursaries, these will automatically be sent out with the offer letters.
  • Note that for the ISC specific scholarships (those in the attached spreadsheets), student must request when sending the application, and are based on global availability. If the scholarship is available, then scholarship offer will be send along with offer letter.
  • Please note that Study Group will be strictly following the 3 week rule this year, where students will have a deadline to pay their confirmation deposit. If the student does not do so, then the scholarship will be offered to another student.

Study Group ISC UK & Europe Scholarships and Bursaries

ISC: University of Sheffield – Scholarship Details:

Sheffield has progression scholarships for Bachelor and Master degrees.

  • The scholarship will be awarded automatically – no application is required in the first or any subsequent years.
  • The scholarship will be awarded unconditionally in the first year of studies.
  • Receipt of the award in subsequent years of study is subject to the achievement of a 60% overall average mark in the previous academic year.

£2,500 GBP Automatic scholarship for all Science and Engineering undergraduate students from North Asia, South Asia, SE Asia, and Australia (does not include mainland Chinese) – Note, this is automatic based on the student’s passport.

  • £2,000 GBP for all other subjects at undergraduate level

Masters degrees the scholarship depends on price of fees:

  • £2,000 if your tuition fees are between £15,250 and £17,250
  • £2,500 if your tuition fees are £17,251 and upwards

Scholarships and Bursaries for January 2018 Intake

The following scholarships and bursaries available for students for this January intake:

  • All centres (students should have strong grades) GBP1,500
  • Lancaster, Leicester, Surrey – GBP 3,500
  • Huddersfield – GBP 4,000 (this is a joint scholarship with the university)

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