University Of Brighton Application Instructions

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University of Brighton

University Of Brighton Application Instructions

All UG Programs – UCAS (Online) – (University of Brighton prefers all UG applications through UCAS only but if any student is very keen to apply to University of Brighton only but doesn’t want to apply through UCAS then the University has an option to send a direct application)

All PG Programs (Online)

University Of Brighton Reference Form — Brighton Reference Form (International)

University Of Brighton Undergraduate Application Form — Brighton Application Form UG 2014

University of Brighton – Application Form – English for Academic Study (EAS) — Brighton – EAS App Form

Please note: Students who have failed to Apply thought UCAS and need to Apply to University of Brighton, they can use the Below Application Form and apply to the university directly. Only for Undergraduate Application

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University Of Brighton Phd Application Process

Students wanting to study for a PhD in the UK? If so, the University of Brighton has the answer – a one-stop postgraduate research advice and admissions service operated by the University of Brighton Doctoral College.

The University of Brighton established its Doctoral College in September 2011 to create a dedicated academic school for its growing population of research students. With over 500 students registered, undertaking research across a wide range of subjects, the Doctoral College is a vibrant and increasingly significant part of the University of Brighton. It is also one of the most globally diverse parts of the University, with more than 100 international students from over 20 countries undertaking MPhil and PhD degrees.

University of Brighton wants to encourage more top quality international students to join postgraduate research community in Brighton.  University of Brighton has openings in all fields for the right candidates and have developed an approach to admissions that will support prospective students about how to choose their subject, develop a proposal and make a strong application to the university. University of Brighton will also provide guidance on language courses — at the Brighton Language Institute – for those who have yet to achieve the standards necessary for admission, and the University will offer guidance on all aspects of postgraduate student life, from fees to visa requirements to accommodation.

University of Brighton - Phd Application Process


Admission to Doctoral Studies requires a different approach, which University of Brighton terms the 5 steps to a decision:

Step 1

Qualifying for admission: To be admissible to the Doctoral College, students will normally require a recognised Masters Degree or equivalent or appropriate research or professional experience. Language qualifications vary across the university, depending upon the area of study and are listed at

Step 2

Finding supervisors: Students should write a draft proposal of approximately 300 – 500 words about the research area that interests them, and has to be send to University of Brighton along with a current CV. This proposal should identify the research area of interest, the key literature in the field, research questions that need to be asked and how these questions might be addressed.

Students need to search for areas of research which are currently being investigated at Brighton by going on-line to, where they will see a list of research pages of the academic schools. which will highlight current research activities and the staff involved in these activities. Students can be sure that proposed research in these areas is likely to be of interest to the university. Students can also look at the web pages of staff, while some schools also list current research students.

Step 3

Refining the proposal and application: Once University of Brighton receives the proposal, Admission Team will discuss the work with Department colleagues in order to identify a potential lead supervisor who can advise the student about how to develop the work into a proposal suitable for admission to the university. This advice can be communicated by email, telephone or Skype. It may also be the case that the draft proposal is sufficiently good that revisions are not required.

Once a lead supervisor has been identified an on-line application form needs to be completed, by visiting The website provides guidance on the information required and will allow submission of additional documents, such as the proposal and exam certificates. Please note that academic and character references are important to this process; students should think carefully about who they invite to be their referees.

Step 4

Interview: Once the University has all the information they will establish an interview panel that will comprise the prospective lead supervisor, a potential co-supervisor and a Director of Postgraduate Studies. Not all of these panel members will necessarily be present at the interview, which can take place in person or by Skype. In exceptional cases where the student’s level of spoken English is not yet sufficient to conduct an interview, University of Brighton may offer a place conditional on a formal admission interview once the student has attended the Brighton Language Institute and is able to communicate effectively in English.

Step 5

The decision and offer will be made and communicate informally with decision as soon as possible after the interview. This will be followed up by a formal decision letter. The time from start to finish of the whole application process can vary, but can usually be completed in 4 weeks. Visa requirements are such that it is advisable to allow 12 weeks from receipt of an offer to commencing studies. Thus, for example, for an October start, applications really need to submitted by the preceding May.


The University of Brighton publishes its fees annually. Details can be found at In addition to fees, some students, particularly in life and physical sciences, are required to pay for consumables to cover items such as chemicals and non-renewable items of equipment. All offer letters will set out in full the fees and consumables budget for each student, along with the terms and conditions for payment. The UK Research Councils give an annual guide to the living costs required for full time research students in the UK.

The University of Brighton has an International Scholarship scheme for Postgraduate Research students, which provides four scholarships per annum worth 50% of fees over three years. Guidance on applying for one of these scholarships can be found at

From time to time the university also announces other awards that are often open to international students. Details of these are posted on the Doctoral College website and are usually advertised through websites such as

For further advice and guidance on postgraduate research study at the University of Brighton please Contact Us.



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