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University of Cumbria Logo Scholarships and Bursaries

University Of Cumbria Scholarships & Bursaries

Business School Scholarships

For students on Business Programmes, we have 30 Business School Scholarships:

  • Free accommodation for one year in Lancaster
  • Early payment bursary of £1000 available for those who pay their full annual fee at registration.

International Foundation Programme Scholarship

For all students attending an International Foundation Programme, we are offering:

  • Free accommodation for one semester in Lancaster – discount of 50% of accommodation fee
  • Early payment bursary of £1000 available for those who pay their full annual fee at registration.

These scholarships are available to any Business students but only 30 are available!

Discounts and Bursaries for all other Students

  • Undergraduate £1000 fee discount in first year
  • Top-up £500 fee discount for the year
  • Postgraduate £500 fee discount (£1000 for MA TESOL)
  • This discount can be combined with Early-payment Bursary of £1000, available for those who pay their full annual fee at registration.

Merit Scholarships

Students who have an exceptional academic record may apply for one of our twelve 50% fee waiver scholarships. These do not apply to National Health Service funded courses or to teacher training courses. Applicants with an exceptional academic record and who hold a conditional offer may apply. Scholarships will be awarded in July 14. Merit scholarships cannot be combined with any other discount, and students are required to pay their tuition fees in full at registration (no early payment bursary). Please see our website for details.

Early Payment Bursary

Please note that the Early Payment Bursary is available to all international students who pay their full annual fee at registration, except for Merit Scholarship students. The sum of £1000 is credited to the student’s Cumbria card to spend on university services (Catering, accommodation etc.) This bursary is available for each year of study.


7 Responses to “University Of Cumbria Scholarships”

  1. sanket says :

    my bio dats is as below
    10th score 78%
    12th score 67%
    15th score 88% bcom from goa university
    my TOEFL score is 85 respectively.
    please provide me more information on Business School Scholarship the university of Cumbria.
    thank you :)

  2. radhinka says :

    my name is radhika n im from madras
    my 10th score is 88%
    12th score is 78%
    and 15th Bcom from madras university 85%
    i want to know more about the International Foundation Programme at the university of Cumbria.
    my GRE is 160 and TOEFL is 117

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Hi Radhika,

      Looking into your profile you have good academics and English skills. You can aim for a Masters program in University of Cumbria. International Foundation program is for students who want to study an undergraduate degree programme but who require further academic knowledge, study skills and possibly also English language development.
      You need to take an IELTS exam as TOEFL scores are no longer accepted by the UKBA.

  3. Evangeline Smith says :

    Hello Sir,
    I am Evangeline Smith from Texas, USA.
    I wanted to know what is a fee waiver scholarship that the University of Cumbria is providing?

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      The University of Cumbria provides 50% of the tuition fee for one year of study for international students. Scholarship is also awarded on merit based for outstanding academic performances.

  4. Rohan Roy says :

    I am from India and i have just completed my Semester 1 post graduation exam from the University of Mumbai. Can I take an admission for Semester 2 post graduation in the University of Cumbria?

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      No, you cannot take an admission for 2 Semester post graduation in the University of Cumbria. As credit point cannot be transferred from Mumbai university.

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