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Programs for January 2017 Intake

Semester B courses 2016 academic year (January 2017)

Business School

  • BA (Hons) Business Administration (Year 3)
  • MSc Management
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc Global Business
  • MSc Business Analysis and Consultancy
  • MSc Accounting and Financial Management

School of Computer Science

  • MSc Artificial Intelligence with Robotics
  • MSc Computer Networking Principles and Practice
  • MSc Software Engineering
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Advanced Computer Science

School of Engineering and Technology

  • MSc Aerospace Engineering
  • MSc Automotive Engineering
  • MSc Communications and Information Engineering
  • MSc Embedded Intelligent Systems
  • MSc Manufacturing Management
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Mechatronics
  • MSc Microelectronics and Computer Engineering
  • MSc Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Power Electronics and Control
  • MSc Radio and Mobile Communication Systems

School of Law

  • Chinese Commercial Law (LLM)
  • Commercial Law (LLM)
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution (LLM)
  • E–‐commerce Law (LLM)
  • Intellectual Property (LLM)
  • International Law (LLM)
  • International Financial Services (LLM)
  • Maritime Law (LLM)

School of Life & Medical Sciences

  • MSc Environmental Management for Business
  • MSc Environmental Management
  • MSc Environmental Management with Agriculture
  • MSc Water and Environmental Management
  • MSc Sustainable Planning
  • MSc Sustainable Planning and Transport
  • MSc Sustainable Planning and Environmental Management
  • MSc Business Psychology
  • MSc Occupational Psychology
  • MA Health and Medical Education
  • MSc Health & Medical Simulation
  • MSc Clinical Dermatology
  • MSc Clinical Skin Integrity and Wound Management
  • MSc Mental Health Practice
  • MSc Psychiatric Practice
  • MSc Cardiology and Stroke
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