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UNIVERSITY OF SURREY - Pre-Sessional Course

University Of Surrey Programs

Pre-sessional English Language programmes at University of Surrey

University of Surrey pre-sessional courses provide with intensive academic English preparation, ensuring to begin postgraduate studies with the University this October. For the Pre-Sessional course students will need to follow depends on their incoming language proficiency and the level they need to achieve for their chosen degree. The table below indicates the length of Pre-Sessional study needed, based on the difference between current IELTS level and the English language requirement for degree course at the University of Surrey. Prospective students need to have achieved the minimum IELTS scores indicated in column 2 before the start of their pre-sessional course. The programmes are all intensive in nature with 21 hours of class time per week. All courses cover the following elements:

  • Academic writing
  • Academic reading
  • Academic listening and note taking
  • Preparing and delivering  presentations
  • Structuring paragraphs
  • Avoiding plagiarism and poor academic practice
  • Critical research skills
  • Study skills
  • Writing extended essays
  • Using the library and IT facilities

Which pre-sessional should student attend?

Pre-sessional English Language programmes at the University of Surrey

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