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University Of The West Of England

University Of The West Of England Application Form is Online

For More Application Information Please Click HERE

English Language Requirements


  • Overall score of 6.0 with 5.5 in each component

Undergraduate Final Year Entry

  • Overall score of 6.5 with 5.5 in each component OR
  • Overall score of 6.0 with 6.0 in each component


  • Overall score of 6.5 with 5.5 in each component

University Of The West Of England: PHD Application Process

Bristol have seen an increase in the number of queries about PHD Applications so please see below an update on the University Of The West Of England Bristol PhD application process:


For PhD applications, please do not use the online application system. University Of The West Of England will require all applicants to complete in full the Research Degrees Application Form, Equal Opportunities form and Reference header sheet, which can be found at: Full guidance notes for completing the application can also be found here.

Please note that for applicants to the Department of Applied Sciences only, the Faculty is able to review an initial research proposal and supporting documents before an official application is made. This enables them to filter out any proposals they are unable to support without students having to complete the formal application process. If you have any such cases, please send the information to me in the first instance.

Please send fully completed applications, and these will be forwarded to the relevant Graduate School staff. Please note that you will be unable to view these applicants via the agent portal until the point that they have been made an offer at UWE Bristol.

Please do not send

  • CVs (all information required is asked for on the application)
  • Lots of large documents (e.g. all of their qualifications), we will only need a copy of their highest qualification e.g. degree or masters certificate and a copy of their English Language qualification.
  • Personal documents (e.g. scans of passport)

If we require any further information we will the request this separately – this helps to prevent our mailboxes crashing with unnecessary large documents being sent! If you do have large documents to send, it would be really helpful if you could compress these into zip files if possible to reduce the size, or even better, send the information via a web link such as Dropbox or


  • Applications are reviewed by the Faculty Postgraduate Research Director (or nominee) for initial consideration, who will establish whether the subject area is something that UWE has expertise in/has resources to support and whether the nature of the research fits within an area which is supported by the University’s research strategy.
  • If appropriate, the application will be reviewed by staff who have expertise in the area of research, and have the potential to act as a Director of Studies. The academic team are not only looking at the experience and academic background of the applicant, but also the viability of the project and whether there are resources in the Faculty to support the applicant and/or project.
  • Please note that we can currently only consider complete applications where students meet UWE’s English language requirements of an IELTS or equivalent qualification of 6.5 or above (minimum 5.5 in each component). The only current exception to this are applicants who wish to apply for PhDs in the Department of Applied Sciences, and in this case it may be possible to provide a pre-sessional English programme for these applicants, upon special agreement with the Faculty.
  • Applications can be made at any time of year, but start dates are 1 October, 1 January and 1 April.

We will endeavour to come back to you as soon as possible with a decision, but please note that Research Degree applications usually take longer to review, and so students can expect to receive a decision in around 4-6 weeks. Please note that students may be required to undertake a Skype or telephone interview.

What if my student does not have a fully developed research proposal?

Full details of UWE Bristol’s research expertise can be found at: Research – UWE Bristol: Research. We would encourage students to review these pages to establish whether UWE Bristol has expertise in their chosen area. Applicants are welcome to contact research staff directly with any questions they may have about specific research topics. Much more general information and advice can also be found at:
Postgraduate research study – UWE Bristol: Research.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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