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Hurns Scholarship

Students are evaluated for eligibility after they complete one academic year (the evaluation period), based on these factors:

  • CGPA – Associate Level 2.75, Bachelor Level 3.0, Master Level 3.5
  • Attendance – must not have withdrawn from the university during the 3 term evaluation period
  • Enrollment status – must have earned at least 8 credits (HT enrollment status) in each of the 3 terms of the evaluation period
  • Must be attending at least halftime at the time of the Hurns disbursement

Award amounts are earned according to a student’s academic level and credit load (see the disbursement chart below).

Disbursements are made in the amount of students’ unpaid direct costs, by term, up to the applicable program level maximum. The amount of unpaid direct costs for a term are calculated by subtracting the total amount of paymentsmade or expected to be madeto a student’s account, from the amount chargedby the university for that term.

Ifthe amount of Hurns earned for a term exceeds the amountdisbursed, the excess amount earned can be usedto credit students’ accountsin any subsequent term(s)with unpaid direct costs.These credits may be used for students’ current programs of study, additional programs, and for additional program levels taken within 5 years of the student’s last date of attendance.

Initial Eligibility Evaluation:

Students will be evaluated after their 2ndterm – so CP can put the scholarship on eligible students’ FPs for their 2nd academic year. This will result in lower loan amounts because the scholarship will cover part of the cost that would often otherwise be covered by loans.Eligible students receive an award for the next 3 terms. Thisevaluation and awarding process continues until students graduate or withdraw from the university.

Evaluation points are every 3 terms.

A student who appeared eligible after the 2nd term based on CGPA, but whose CGPA goes down below the expected GPA after their 3rd term, won’t qualify at that time, but will have the opportunity to qualify again at the next evaluation point.

Continuing Eligibility Evaluation:

At each evaluation point, students must have the GPA required by degree level,have remained continuously enrolled and have earned at least 8 credits per termin order to receive additional awards. Students who fail to meet these requirements will not receive an award for the subsequent academic year, but will be evaluated at the next evaluation point and may regain eligibility then.

Eligible continuing students who change program levels will be paid according to the chart below (based on their level in the term for which the disbursement is made). There is not a separate “initial eligibility” determination made at each level.

Disbursement Information:

Hurns amounts are earned and disbursed in the amounts as follows:

Program Level Maximum amount earned

per term

Amount disbursed per term Maximum amount earned/disbursed per academic year
Associate Degree



8 credits (HT) $200


The amount of unpaid direct costs, not to exceed $200.00 $600
12+ credit (FT) $300


The amount of unpaid direct costs, not to exceed $300.00 $900
Bachelor Degree



8 credit (HT) $400 The amount of unpaid direct costs, not to exceed $400.00 $1200
12+ credit (FT) $500 The amount of unpaid direct costs, not to exceed $500.00 $1500
Graduate Degree



4 credit (HT) $600


The amount of unpaid direct costs, not to exceed $600.00 $1800
8+ credit (FT) $650


The amount of unpaid direct costs, not to exceed $650.00 $1950


12 credit (FT) $700 The amount of unpaid direct costs, not to exceed $700.00 $2100


Withdrawal and Reentry Policy

Hurns recipients who withdraw from the university forfeit any undisbursed Hurns funds earned prior to their withdrawal. However, if they reenter (and otherwise qualify) they will begin earning funds aftercompleting their first term back at the university.


We recommend that students be able to receive this in combination with the Fast Track Scholarship, ASRGand other institutional funds that aren’t restricted to being the only institutional scholarship used.

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