About Southern New Hampshire University

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About Southern New Hampshire University

The “Most Innovative” University in the “Most Liveable” City

Southern New Hampshire University, an award-winning private university located on 300 acres along the Merrimack River. We’re proud that more than 900 international students from 70 countries take classes at SNHU — more than any university north of Boston. Why do so many international students choose SNHU?

  • Innovative, Flexible Programs – Student can take classes on campus, online, or through a blended format. And student can take advantage of pioneering programs and services that helped SNHU rank #12 on Fast Company’s 2012 World’s Most Innovative Companies list, next to Google and Apple.
  • Location – Just five minutes from downtown Manchester — named one of ten “most livable” cities in the U.S. by Forbes — and an hour from Boston, all close to multicultural events as well as internship and job opportunities. Students also less than an hour from beautiful beaches, mountains, and lakes.
  • Strong Community & Support System – What truly distinguishes SNHU is welcoming, caring community who go out of their way to make student feel at home. International Student Services team will help student with everything from getting a driver’s license to maintaining legal status
  • Safety – Located in the #3 most peaceful state in America, according to one study, SNHU makes public safety a top priority by implementing a comprehensive public safety plan.

Academic Excellence, Innovation, and Support

  • At SNHU, students don’t just learn. Students experience learning — through lively class discussions, presentations, team-based projects, internships, workshops and seminars, and other out-of-classroom opportunities. That’s because SNHU want student to gain those all-important hands-on experiences that employers around the world want to see on a résumé.
  • With more than 180 undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from — taught on campus and online — student have a tremendous amount of flexibility in how build the program. Also, all courses are taught by accomplished professors, not graduate assistants, so their sole focus is teaching student.

Start Dates (Months):

  1. UndergraduateSeptember, January, May
  2. GraduateSeptember, January, March and June
  3. Tuition Fees for International Students (per year): Undergraduate (2 semesters) = $29,104
  4. Graduate (1 year, 8 classes) = $15,748
  5. Estimated Cost of Books & Supplies (per year): Undergraduate (10 classes per year) = $1,500
  6. Graduate (8 classes per year) = $1,200
  7. Additional Estimated Cost (per year): Undergraduate Housing & meal plan = $12,182
  8. Graduate – off campus housing only $800 – $1,200 per month

Programs that accept UPath (instead of IELTS/TOEFL):

All programs would accept UPath scores under the following conditions:

  • I3 = ESL for both undergrad & graduate study
  • I4 = undergraduate bridge program called 070 (+ 1 -2 undergraduate classes)
  • Graduate bridge program called Graduate Language Studies (GLS)
  • A1 = Undergraduate program continues in English studies with 101i (plus + 4 undergraduate courses)
  • A2 = Undergraduate = Full-time
  • Graduate = Full-time
  • Programs that DO NOT accept UPath-
  • Masters in TEFL

Campus Location(s): Manchester, NH

Total Number of Students : Undergraduate 2,800, Graduate 1,500
Number of International students : 950+ Housing available (ie. Residences, housing registries, etc) : Undergraduate = yes, Graduate = no

Application deadlines: Typically 3 months prior to start date
Application Processing Time (estimate): 3-4 weeks
Deposit required to receive the Conditional Letter of Acceptance?: Not required
Acceptance package includes: Acceptance letter, transfer form, information about housing in the local area, wire transfer information, medical forms to be completed prior to start date.

How long before a student’s chosen intake should the student have completed the UPath program? (ex. 2 weeks?): They can be admitted conditionally and then send UPath info as soon as possible prior to intake.

How long is the “University Pathways certificate” valid for entry into your programs? (ex. 1 year, 2 years): Until the student is language proficient. The only changes that will be made are tuition increases if any.

Southern New Hampshire University – An Affordable U.S. Education

No matter where you’re from, Southern New Hampshire University can help you go places.

SNHU welcomes students from around the world —
more than 900 students from more than 70 countries.
Many of the faculty have worked or studied overseas.

Southern New Hampshire University Affordability Handout : Southern New Hampshire University Affordability Handout

About Southern New Hampshire University : University of Chester Application Form

And lastly, a testimonial from one of the Indian graduate students, Sanjay Suresh 

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