Scholarships For University Of Michigan Flint

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Scholarships For University Of Michigan Flint

Regarding scholarships, fellowships, and research assistanceships for graduate students, please refer  the Graduate Program’s link that outlines all opportunities available just for graduate students.

In order to be eligible for scholarships, students must first be admitted to the university. Then, apply individually to the scholarship programs. Awards given are based on a number of factors, such as academic merit, financial need, program of study, or diverse background.

University of Michigan-Flint offers freshman scholarships ranging from 3000 US dollars to 7000 US dollars, with an additional scholarship ranging from 1000 US dollars to 3000 US dollars. These scholarships are awarded for the academic year and they are renewable. Students have to submit SAT or ACT scores, as well as personal statement essays (SOP) and English test scores for maximum scholarship opportunities.

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