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University of Wisconsin Stout

About University of Wisconsin Stout

  • Wisconsin’s only polytechnic university
  • Part of the prestigious University of Wisconsin System
  • Ranked one of the best public universities the Midwest region by U.S. News and World Report
  • 9,300 students (8,300 undergraduate and 1,000 graduate)
  • Over 300 international students from 35 different countries
  • 49 undergraduate and 23 graduate programs offered

University Highlights

  • Excellent, affordable academic programs
  • 97% percent job placement rate – among the highest the U.S.
    • Personal laptop computer for each undergraduate student
    • Conditional admission to degree programs
    • Intensive language courses offered through university ESL program
    • Paid internships for many majors
    • Located a safe, friendly city
    • State-of-the-art lab facilities


  • Ranked 15th best public university in the Midwest region (SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE)
  • This award is given to businesses with the highest reported customer satisfaction
  • UW -Stout is the 1st university in the U.S. to receive this award

Climate & Location

University of Wisconsin - Stout - Location - Menomonie City







Located Menomonie, a safe and friendly small city the state of Wisconsin, we are close to the large metropolitan area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Most students fly into the Minneapolis International Airport (MSP) which is only a 1 hour drive to our campus. A shuttle bus runs more than 13 times daily from the Minneapolis / St. Paul airport to the city of Menomonie. 

Menomonie’s climate is characterized by four distinct, beautiful seasons:

  • Summer (June-August), the most pleasant season Wisconsin—endless opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities!
  • Fall (September-November), temperatures are cooler, leaves turn beautiful colors.
  • Winter (December-March), although the weather is cold and snowy, a cup of hot chocolate will warm your hands and heart! If you come January, please be sure to bring warm clothing.
  • Spring (April-May), temperatures begin to warm and flowers start to bloom.Proud Distinctions:


University of Wisconsin - Stout - Enrollment at a Glance

  • Students Seeking a Bachelor’s Degree: 8,300
  • Students Seeking a Master’s Degree: 1,000
  • International Students: Over 250 from 42 different countries


ACADEMIC PROGRAMS University of Wisconsin - Stout - In the Classroom
– 44 Bachelor’s Degree Majors
– 21 Master’s Degree Programs
– Lecture: 23
– Laboratory: 18
– 19:1

Bachelor’s Degree Program

  • B.S. Apparel Design and Development
  • B.S. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • B.S. Applied Science
  • B.S. Applied Social Science
  • B.S. Art Education
  • B.S. Business Administration
  • B.S. Career, Technical Education and Training*
  • B.S. Computer Engineering
  • B.S. Construction
  • B.S. Cross-Media Graphics Management
  • B.S. Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation
  • B.S. Dietetics
  • B.S. Early Childhood Education
  • B.S. Engineering Technology
  • B.F.A. Entertainment Design
  • B.S. Environmental Science
  • B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • B.S. Food Science and Technology
  • B.S. Game Design and Development
  • B.S. Golf Enterprise Management
  • B.F.A. Graphic Design and Interactive Media
  • B.S. Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • B.S. Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
  • B.S. Human Development and Family Studies
  • B.F.A. Industrial Design
  • B.S. Information and Communication
  • Technologies
  • B.S. Information Technology Management
  • B.F.A. Interior Design
  • B.S. Management
  • B.S. Manufacturing Engineering
  • B.S. Marketing and Business Education
  • B.S. Packaging
  • B.S. Plastics Engineering
  • B.S. Professional Communication and Emerging Media
  • B.S. Psychology
  • B.S. Real Estate and Property Management
  • B.S. Retail Merchandising and Management
  • B.S. Science Education
  • B.S. Special Education
  • B.F.A. Studio Art
  • B.S. Supply Chain Management
  • B.S. Technology Education
  • B.S. Technology and Science Education
  • B.S. Vocational Rehabilitation


Master’s Degree Program 

  • M.S. Applied Psychology
  • M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • M.S. Career and Technical Education
  • P.S.M. Conservation Biology
  • M.S. Construction Management *
  • M.F.A. Design
  • M.S. Education *
  • M.S. Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • M.S. Hospitality Strategy
  • P.S.M. Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • M.S. Information and Communication Technologies
  • M.S. Manufacturing Engineering
  • M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy
  • M.S. Operations and Supply Management
  • M.S. Risk Control
  • M.S. School Counseling
  • M.S.Ed. School Psychology
  • M.S. Sustainable Management *
  • M.S. Technical and Professional Communication *
  • M.S. Training and Human Resource Development
  • M.S. Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Ed.S. Career and Technical Education
  • Ed.S. School Psychology
  • Ed.D. Career and Technical Education

UW-Stout American Friendship ProgramUW-Stout offers an American Friendship Program to all international students. This program provides students the opportunity to experience American life beyond the University and makes students a part of the local community.

Most international students are a part of the International Relations Club (IRC) which provides opportunities for creating friendships while learning about various cultures. The club sponsors field trips to the Mall of America, museums, ski resorts, baseball games, fairs and parks. IRC also organizes an annual International Week.

There are more than 145 student organizations – getting involved on campus is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have throughout your college career. Qualified international students may have the opportunity to compete in 18 different sports possibly at national level. UW-Stout is a proud member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). UW-Stout are one of the Division 3 schools.


University of Wisconsin Stout ESL


12 ESL Levels:

Practice English Skills In:

– Beginner

– Listening

– Intermediate

– Speaking

– Advanced

– Grammar

– Reading

– Writing

Why Study ESL at UW-Stout?

  • All ESL students receive their own laptop to use while they are students at UW-Stout.
  • ESL students can receive conditional admission to UW-Stout. U pon successful completion of the entire ESL program, ESL students can be accepted directly into UW-Stout if they meet U W-Stout academic requirements. They do not need to take the TOEFL test or IELTS test or re-apply to UW-Stout. They only need to pay the $44 program application fee ($56 for graduate school) in addition to the ESL application fee of $50.
  • ESL classes give students many opportunities to meet faculty and students in their major departments. ESL students conduct interviews, join clubs, create study plans, and attend some academic classes while they are still in the ESL program.
  • Advanced ESL students can take a special culture class to learn more about American culture.
  • ESL students are well-prepared, both socially and academically, to begin their course work.
  • Graduate students benefit from a special writing and research class that prepares them for writing their thesis.

Please Download the Complete Details: – HERE

  • Summer (June-August), the most pleasant season Wisconsin—endless opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities!
  • Fall (September-November), temperatures are cooler, leaves turn beautiful colors.
  • Winter (December-March), although the weather is cold and snowy, a cup of hot chocolate will warm your hands and heart! If you come January, please be sure to bring warm clothing.
  • Spring (April-May), temperatures begin to warm and flowers start to bloom.

International Student Activities at UNIVERSITY O F WISCONSIN-STOUT

  • International Relations Club
  • Trips – festivals, fairs, malls and more!
  • Activities – holiday events, potlucks, community events, films, soccer . . .
  • “International Week”
  • English conversation hours

Please visit: http://www.uwstout.edu/housing/ to learn more about housing options

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