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Virginia International University

About Virginia International University VIU

In an increasingly globalized economy, it is more important than ever to have a superior education and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Virginia International University VIU provides affordable, high-quality education in a true community setting to students from across the globe. Virginia International University VIU is located in Fairfax, Virginia, just minutes away from the nation’s capital, Washington DC. Virginia is home to many of the world’s largest companies and,as a result is also home to a vibrant job market. Being so close to government and private organizations offers great opportunities to students including internship opportunities during their studies as well as employment opportunities after graduation.

Virginia International University VIU is an IRS designated 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Being a non-profit means that Virginia International University VIU are here to serve the community through education, This is why Virginia International University VIU offer tuition scholarships to high-potential students- Virginia International University believe that good education should be available to everyone, including those who do not have the necessary funds to pursue higher education.

Virginia International University VIU boasts a student body from all over the world and an equally diverse faculty and professional staff. As a result, the experience that Virginia International University VIU students gain during their time here is unparalleled. Virginia International University VIU’s small class sizes allow professors devote more individual attention to each student and make education more interactive by increasing student participation.

Virginia International University RankingWHY Virginia International University VIU?

  1. Location: Virginia International University VIU is located in Fairfax, Virginia which is known to be one of the safest and most tranquil places to reside in the United States. Here, the great opportunities for students to discover and learn about American history and cultures while visiting magnificent historical places and living in a healthy environment.
  2. Diverse Community Environment:  Virginia International University VIU is a truly unique place where you can meet and become friends with students from over 60 different countries. This allows students to broaden their social networks while living in a multicultural environment. Virginia International University are devoted to delivering a warm atmosphere where all students can feel at home.
  3. Student-Centered Education: Students have the opportunity to meet with their expert faculty with real world experience. Virginia International University VIU maintains small class sizes so that our students can benefit from individual attention from their professors.
  4. No TOEFL: If students are unable to take the TOEFL exam, they can enroll in Virginia International University VIU’s ESL program before attending undergraduate and graduate programs. Virginia International University have a five-level ESL program beginning at the elementary level. For prospective students planning to transfer to our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs or our TESOL program, a minimum of 50% course credit must be completed at Virginia International University VIU, while the remainder may be transferred from outside institutions.
  5. Affordable Tuition Rates: VIU is a non-profit organization committed to supporting students in achieving their dreams by providing low-cost, high-quality education. Through our flexible payment plans, Virginia International University VIU allow students to make tuition payments in small installments rather than a large, lump sum.
  6. Tuition Scholarships: Tuition scholarships are available for high-potential students. The tuition amount varies between $500 and $4000 in an academic year. This is just one way Virginia International University VIU paysback our community.
  7. Job Opportunities: Fairfax, Virginia is the second wealthiest county in the US. Because VIU is locate dminutes away from Washington DC, students have great opportunities to gain experience through in ternships and employment in a variety of industries around the DC-metropolitan area.
  8. Customized Programs and Flexible Schedules: Virginia International University provide customized programs to fit our students’ schedules, including daytime, evening, and weekend hours for working individuals.
  9. Online Degrees: Virginia International University VIU’s School of Online Education offers full and partially online degrees. Students can take classes anywhere, anytime.VIU Online tuition structure is one of the most affordable in the industry.

Virginia International University Students

The School of Business at Virginia International University VIU offers the following programs:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in:

  • International Business Marketing Management
  • International Finance Health Care Management
  • Global Logistics Accounting
  • Human Resources Management Hospitality and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in:

  • Finance International Business
  • Marketing

Certificate Programs:

  • International Business Small Business Management
  • Medical Administrative Assistant

The School of Computer Information Systems at Virginia International University VIU offers the following programs:

  • Master of Information Systems (MIS)
  • Master of Computer Science (MCS)
  • Master of Science in Information Systems Management (MISM)
  • Master of Science in Information Technology (MIT)
  • Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSE)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Systems
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Audit and Compliance
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence

The School of Public & International Affairs at VIU offers the following programs:

Master of Public Administration (MPA) in:

  • Information Systems Public Management
  • Healthcare Administration & Public Health

MS in International Relations (MIR) in:

  • International Economic Development International Business

The School of Education at VIU offers the following programs:

  • Master of Education (M.Ed.)
  • Master of Arts in TESOL (MATESOL)
  • Graduate Certificate of Education
  • Graduate Certificate in TESOL

The School of English Language Studies at Virginia International University VIU offers the following program:

  • English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

The School of Online Education at Virginia International University VIU offers all graduate, undergraduate and graduate certificate programs online.

  • The School of Continuing Education at VIU offers the following:
  • Adult English Language Evening Classes
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Workshops / Seminars

Virginia International University Tution Fees

Virginia International University Tution Fees1




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