ScotiaBank Student GIC Program FAQ’s

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  1. amrit pal says :

    hello i have two questions
    first can i get study visa to canada for my master degree in mechancial engg if i already passed the master degree in india in industrial engg.

    second can i transfer more funds in my gic a/c opened with scotia bank. so that they fix the 10200 dollars in gic and remaining dollars will be balance in my saving account in scotia bank. can i do this or i have to only transfer 10200 dollars
    kindly help me regarding this specially the first one

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      You can apply for another Masters Degree in Canada, considering that you mention a strong reason i.e a strong Statement of Purpose.
      Also you can add excess amount to your GIC account as per your convenience.
      For further details kindly contact us at

  2. Muskan Katyal says :

    Sir/mam,actually I want to know tht I had applied to open up my gic account in scotia bank & they also email me my temporary password but now they r displaying some error in log in then I call them in Canada thn again they send me a password but then also they r displaying error now what can I do & why this is happening

  3. navita says :

    hi…my que is that i had opened the GIC with nova scotia bank but due to some conflict wid d agent i had to drop my case…but nw i need GIC fr study visa and i was suggested that i shud open another account with ICICI bank to procede further …will dis be an apt decision?

  4. jashan says :

    If I am taking student loan and bank will transfer my money to scotia bank they will accept this amount or not ?? If not what should I do

  5. preet singh says :

    I transfered my funds to gic account on 22 march 2016 but cannot get the certificate yet. Please tell me when i get the receipt of gic .and also help to make it faster if you can.

  6. PANKAJ BHATIA says :

    I have got the offer letter from McMaster University in masters of Engineering which is Non-SPP, So do I still need to open a GIC account? and If not then what financial documents do I need to submit along with my visa file?
    Thank you

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Yes you have to get a GIC i.e Guaranteed Investment Certificate, As you have to deposit your Living Expense of a year in this Account.
      The certificate is the mark of surety to the Canadian Government that You can afford your Living Expenses for a year in that country.
      GIC is also required for Visa Documentation.
      For further help contact us at

  7. Arun george says :

    Dear sir

    How long it will take to get the reciept

  8. Anne says :

    I have opened the GIC in 2015 and I did not go for January Intake. I’m planning to go to may intake.. How can I know if my GIC account is still active. Please help me with the email address so that I can email them

  9. Yadukrishna says :

    Sir/Madam. Ihave heard of these VISA rejections for most of the student visa applications in canada. I just wanted to know whether am academically fit for getting student visa . My academic qualifications are :
    10th 80%
    12th 61%
    Bcom 70%
    IELTS (L-8,R-7,S-6 W-6.5) Overall 7
    The College requires minimum score of 6 in overall . Help me with this ASAP. Plz

  10. geetanjali says :

    I am Geetanjali actually i just want to ask can i get my gic refund bit quick before 8 weeks because my student visa has been rejected and that’s why i have applied for refund request on 18th of december and i am in need of refund very much because i am applying for another country that is Newzealand for february intake and i am getting problem of shortage of funds.

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Hi Geetanjali,

      We cannot help you in refund process of GIC, ideally it takes 4 to 8 weeks after putting the refund request. If you wish we can help you with the New Zealand process

  11. Yadukrishna says :

    Sir/Madam, i had opened an GIC account in Scotiabank for the intake of January but, due to various reasons i was not able to go for the January intake, Instead i’m looking forward to the May intake(started the VISA process) and i want to know whether, the already opened bank account is enough for depositing the amount required for the May intake or Should i have to open a new account for the May intake ?

    • Geebee Counsellor says :

      Yes, the active GIC account is enough for depositing the amount required for the May intake.

  12. Anusha says :

    i have got an offer letter from centennial university. I am applying under non spp category. can I get visa ? what is the visa ratio of centennial university?

  13. Deepesh Anand says :

    I from hyderabad, I got the offer letter for Jan -16 intake from Fleming college. Can I open the gic account and apply for visa, is it acceptable! Suggestions please……..

  14. parminder singh sandhu says :

    I have paid GIC CAD $10250 on 18th of nov. But still i havent received the final reciept . I’m very tensed as the final days of applying for jan. Intake are approaching . Please tell me how many days it going to take more ? Its already 13th day.

  15. prabhjotsingh says :

    Can you please tell me the email address for novia Scotiabank . I want refund as soon as possible

  16. Neha says :

    please guide me about resetting the password since my account is locked. I have my account details can I transfer the amount in the locked account from my bank in India



  18. sudha says :

    i want to know if this GIC program is applicable for only students or also for others like immigrants or poeple who are coming on work visa..please advise .is it compulsory or optional..

  19. kruti says :

    I have paid my gic account fees on 23rd of November.I do not receive my confirmation receipt till now how much time does it required .Moreover,i am trying to send my remittance report to scotia bank but i think the email address is not correct please anyone tell me the email address on which i can send my remittance report

  20. parteek says :

    How long does it take to receive the GIC receipt after transfering the funds?

  21. gagan says :

    dear sir/madam
    i had already got my offer letter but when i check it
    it does not include my family name… will this correction should be done now

  22. r.j says :

    hello sir bank account which r in BANK OF BARODA INIDA. creating a problem by saying we cannot do wire trasnfer until the student having 6 months old account in r bank .tell me wt to do?as i dnt hve another account in any tel me wt to do ??

  23. Harry says :

    sir how much days will it take to receive gic receipt if I transfer my gic amount in this month???

  24. Anne says :

    I have called customer service to reset my email secure password. In how many days will I get the new or temporary password.

  25. Manpreet says :

    I fil the GIC form and registerd it to scotish bank but i donot transfer my money in that account because by mistake i fill wrong swift code in GIC form that is not where i hold my account in india , so i want ask that can i change the gic account information or there is no problem of swift code please tell me i am very worried about it

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