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New Zealand High Commission has made some changes to the FTS (Funds Transfer Scheme) procedure this year in order to make the processing more efficient.

To summarize, students will no longer be required to open an account and acquire a welcome letter/ reference number from ANZ before lodging an application. All that is required is to mark the front of the INZ application form “FTS” in bold. The account opening, etc will be done post the AIP stage and the documentation of the account being opened and the funds being transferred will form a part of the AIP requirements.

Please note, in case where it has been indicated to INZ that an application is being made under the FTS scheme and applicant changes his mind not to opt for it after the AIP is granted, INZ will not be assessing availability of funds. The application may then be declined lapsed for not having met the AIP conditions and a fresh application will need to be lodged.

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