Smruti Choubal, New Zealand - University of Auckland - Master of International Business

I found Geebee Andheri Centre very helpful. When I had approached geebee I was clear with my goals but I had a lot of doubts on how to achieve it. Geebee cleared all my doubts and also guided me with accurate advices. I am really thankful to Geebee for listening to my needs of study and suggesting the most apt options for me. Also for being the most helpful person when I was confused with the education procedure.

Geebee being patient while I was making choices for my college. They effectively communicated between me and universities where I had applied.

Geebee being very particular and strict when it came to visa document submission. They built up my confidence when I was nervous during my Visa interview. Always was helpful by being one call away which actually saved a lot of my time.

If I had to suggest any changes in the working I would like to say please provide a notary service. Outside they really try to loot you.(thanks to khusbu I was saved). Other than that there is nothing to change. Thank-you for the support ,it really helped a lot.

Smruti Choubal, New Zealand - University of Auckland - Master of International Business

Swarika Chokkas Bhardwaj, USA, UCLA - Extension - Certificate - Directing & Theatrical Production

I would like to thank everyone at GeeBee Andheri, for their counsel, their support and advise at every stage of my abroad studies.

They firstly helped me with the course, selecting the right university through the application as well as the whole visa process.

Their expertise were seen at every stage, especially for the visa application they prepared me with all the questions as well as all the documents required for the same.

GeeBee has taken care of all the needs as sometimes it became impossible for me to be there physically due to my work.

A big Thank You to the team and I will be forever grateful.

Swarika Chokkas Bhardwaj, USA, UCLA - Extension - Certificate - Directing & Theatrical Production

Neeraj Nambiar, New Zealand, University of Auckland - Master of Engineering Management

Having enquired with various other education consultants in the market, and even after applying to some Universities with another agency, I narrowed down to GeeBee in Andheri as my counsellors to help me guide through for my studies abroad. Firstly, they helped me withdraw my previous applications with ease, and then subsequently provided me with list of courses and the Universities suiting my profile.

My Counsellor, Dharmesh sir has been a constant source of support throughout by replying to my query-filled mails honestly. He also provided me with a list of courses that would help me strengthen professionally. Dharmesh sir also informed me about the list of scholarships which could be applied for. Also, their application counselor patiently filled my application forms to almost all the Universities and coordinated with them quite easily. Finally, my Visa counsellor, ma'am helped me throughout my visa application process. All my calls to her with queries were answered justly.

Be it applying to Universities, getting to know and helping me fill the scholarship forms, visa application process; all these were handled by GeeBee on my behalf. Correct and honest information was provided to me and I always felt that the development of Student was GeeBee's priority. I was associated with GeeBee Andheri for close to a year and looking back at it, now, I feel it was a comfortable journey before the eventual one to study in NZ.

According to me, GeeBee should be each and every student's destination if they are thinking of studying in New Zealand.

Neeraj Nambiar, New Zealand, University of Auckland - Master of Engineering Management

Shiben Sanjay Sheth, USA, Northern Illinois University - Master in Information Technology

My experience with GeeBee can be described in a few words- awesome and amazing. I came to GeeBee as a freshly graduated guy with almost zero knowledge about the entire process for my masters. I still remember that I got to know about GeeBee via their free seminar in July 2015 about MS in US and that was when I got to know about the various steps involved in the application for my masters course. I still remember the meetings with Jitesh sir and my parents where a lot of my queries were answered fully and patiently. It was then when I decided to join GeeBee for my university applications as well as the visa interview. Jitesh sir were the ones who helped me select the universities to apply to and along with document preparations. I vividly recall the 3 months of constant emails and phone calls exchanged before selecting and applying to the universities and the prep which went for them.

After receiving the admit for my university, the days spent planning and preparing for my visa interview were less burdened due to the systematic and organized. Also the tremendous help from Dharmesh sir regarding my mock visa interview help me prepare for the D-Day.

Then the day of the interview where I was rejected for the fall'16 semester and the support from GeeBee helped me a lot. Even after being rejected twice for my visa for the fall'16 semester, GeeBee continued to be a firm support for me.They helped me formulate various plans for reapplying and also researching other countries for the same course. For my spring'17 visa attempt, GeeBee was instrumental in providing me with a lot of different questions and how to answer them.

Finally, my visa was approved for spring'17.

I can truly say that this journey could not be completed without the tremendous help and support from GeeBee. So, a big thank you and 3 cheers from me for GeeBee.

Hip hip hooray.

Hip hip hooray.

Hip hip hooray.

Shiben Sanjay Sheth, USA, Northern Illinois University - Master in Information Technology

Tanya Shrivastava

My whole experience at Geebee was very transformative. It not just helped me ace my IELTS examination, but also aided me in achieving expertise in English language. At every step of my way to success, I was guided by the proficient faculty.

I am more than pleased with my results and training and would recommend Geebee Andheri Centre to anyone pursuing IELTS.

(Overall: 8.5 bands)

Tanya Shrivastava - IELTS

Aakash Bhinde

GEEBEE provided me with an environment which proved to be conducive for the growth of my skills. The teachers were also very supportive and with a ready-to-help attitude. They instilled confidence in me which enabled me to do well on my IELTS test.

The study material provided by them was also very comprehensive and it ensured that I get a high band score (Overall: 8.5 bands).

Aakash Bhinde - IELTS

Nivsha Premdas Amin, New Zealand, Cornell College of Business & Technology - Diploma in Business

The overall experience was truly great. I started the process in mid month August and since then I did not have to worry about anything. The entire process was completed well before time and it is today mid month of October that I have my approved passport back with me. The entire process was done systematically and I was posted of all the developments at all times, thanks to the Geebee team.

The counsellers were well prepared and a step ahead of their game. They not only solved all my queries with a positive stride but also kept me in loop of all developments which made the whole experience worth the time. I cannot thank my counsellers for the extremely professional yet friendly outlook towards my case file. They have been very supportive and positive throughout the process.

I do not see a single reason why I wouldn’t recommend every aspiring student to come to Geebee. I have had a great experience and I'll make sure my friends and colleagues who wish to do the same come to Geebee. I am very happy with the efficiency and service provided. I do not see Geebee needs any suggestions. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Thank you!

Wishing you good luck as you move on to a new challenge.

Nivsha Premdas Amin, New Zealand, Cornell College of Business & Technology - Diploma in Business

Purva Gujar

Many Thanks to Geebee education Andheri Centre for providing quality IELTS coaching! Also, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude towards the faculty, thanks for engaging students with vigor and sharing the much required guidelines/instructions to score.

I suggest my fellow folks here to consider the designed MOCK TEST sincerely and further, apply/exercise the faculty feedback.

Purva Gujar - IELTS

GEEBEE Education provides excellent guidance to students keen on pursuing higher studies abroad.They give detailed account of the admission process and documents that are required for being considered for admission to various international colleges / universities.

Everyone at GEEBEE is so helpful, considerate and encouraging towards one and all and I wholeheartedly appreciate everything you all have done for me.

I thank Madam for constantly encouraging me to do my best. Without her useful advice, I honestly could not have achieved what I did at IELTS. The Counsellor took special care to explain every doubt related to colleges. Assistance, care, and guidance offered by her were more than enough to help me make my final decision.

The mock interviews conducted by Dharmesh Sir in order to prepare me for visa questions instilled confidence in me. I thank for taking so much trouble for my visa application, preparation, and documentation.

I would really recommend students who are interested in studying abroad to have a look into GEEBEE Education and their services and I bet they would be satisfied with their professionalism, just as I benefitted from their kind advice.

Rabbani Faizaad Golam, UK, University of Hertfordshire - BEng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Chetna Mahadik, Canada, Fanshawe College - Marketing Management

When I started my process for an education in Canada, I was very confused. GeeBee had not been my first choice. I had been doing my procedure through another consultancy and it only helped me realize that I was in the wrong hands. Things there didn't happen the way they should have since everyone told me that I had a good profile.

After unnecessary problems and delays that I faced with my procedure, I had to take a call to change my agent. GeeBee was the angel in disguise. After starting with GeeBee I realized what quality of service and dedication my previous agent was lacking. I was confident that I had made the right choice this time. I had gone to GeeBee on the very last minute for my admission for the January 2017 intake when almost everywhere the admissions had closed.

I had almost given up. The counselors at GeeBee gave me the right guidance, confidence and moral support and encouraged me through out. My education counselors and visa counselor were very supportive, helpful and jolly people. It was a great experience to connect with them altogether.

Today I am one of the rare students who have got their visa approved and I give the whole credit to GeeBee. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true. I would strongly recommend GeeBee to anyone who wants to pursue education overseas because they can truly make it happen.

Chetna Mahadik, Canada, Fanshawe College - Marketing Management