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JOEL AMANNA, San José State University, Master of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Thanks to the entire team of Geebee who have helped me getting an admit from San Jose State University. Right from Day 1 when I joined Geebee for my GRE / TOEFL coaching, the Trainer have been great Mentors in my Verbal and Quantitative Learning.

Next with my College selection Priyal Ma'am were the best at helping me select my Universities. Even thought with my Low Scores, Namita Mam stepped in to help and alter my list and was a great support with Priyal Ma'am with respect to applying to the Universities.

Both the Counselor rocked it when it came to submitting the application forms and all the courier. Lazy as the person I am, Just a week before the deadlines, all my packages and application forms were submitted on time; Thanks to Namita & Priyal Ma'am for their enthusiastic support.

Even with applications sent to only 4 University, I got admit from 3 University. All thanks to the hard work and efforts put in by the Geebee Team (especially my Counselors). The Visa Counselling sessions was a great fun filled experience. She was a great help in booking my OFC & Visa dates.

How can I forget the mock Interviews? She would ask questions that I never came across and I would just answer it wrong. But, it was her teaching & mentoring that I could crack the Visa Interview and get visa stamped on my passport.

Now, when I look back to the date when I joined Geebee to the date today, it's just been a great experience with the Geebee Team. Not to forget, also my heartiest thanks to entire team. Last but not the least, thanks to the branch head Urmil Gala Sir.


JOEL AMANNA, San José State University, Master of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Jayesh Dusseja, San José State University, Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE)

It's very difficult to share my Experience with Geebee Education as it cannot be described fully in words. To Understand it you have to Enroll in Geebee & Experience it Yourself.

My decision to appear for GRE & pursue Master's in USA was bit too late. Everyone was suggesting me to wait for 6 Months & apply for another term as it was late for the present term. But as soon as I approached Geebee, the positiveness with which they attended me was Excellent. They were with my decision & explained me that there's still plenty of time left for the present term & I can get into good University. This Boasted my Confidence.

Everyone in Geebee are very helpful. They helped me in Each & Everything needed for me to apply & get admission right from the preparations for GRE & TOEFL, then preparing the documents sets needed for applying, then selecting & shortlisting the Final Universities to apply,then applying to the Universities & finally helping with Visa Interviews - Mock Interviews & preparing documents, they helped a lot in everything & assured that my hard work won't waste & I get into great University which i got, majority due to them.

The nature of each & every staff member here is wonderful. They are very supportive. Thanks to each & every one here.

Jayesh Dusseja, San José State University, Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE)

Gaurav Brahmabhat, USA, University of Houston – Clear Lake - Master of Information Science Studies

My Association with Geebee started in 2014 when i came to inquire for the US study program. In my first visit I decided that Geebee will be the right career guide to achieve my goal of getting to the USA, so I joined GEEBEE the very next day. I took the GRE & TOEFL coaching at GEEBEE itself. I took the Counselling as well as Visa Counselling at the same.

Before Joining GEEBEE I had observed and heard from various students already in the USA that Counseling isn't really helpful but after my experience with GEEBEE I realized that GEEBEE is the real deal and worth everything. Right from the preparation of the exams to the Visa process I was guided by he Counselor in the best way I can imagine. Satisfaction at its best. After I started the Coaching I was really worried about how will I manage the selection of Universities but before I knew I was guided all the way. I had really little time as I had joined after completing my graduation but everything was taken care of, thanks to the wonderful guidance.

I got a score in GRE & TOEFL which got me the Universities offering the desired course. I applied to 8 Universities and I got 5 Admits which is really efficient. That was because of the selection of the Universities from the list offered by the Counselor which gave me the best fit for my profile.

After the decision came through I was left with the Final Step, VISA. I got excellent and really appropriate guidance during this process. All my quires were answered by the Counselor and even after being extremely inquisitive, I was pacified. The Seminars held by Geebee were really helpful. Luckily I attended a USA Visa Seminar conduct by Geebee in collaboration with the US CONSULATE just before a day of my final Visa interview which i cracked, all odes to the Counselor.

I have two comfortable months to arrange for my trip as I already have my Visa in hand. This was all done really smooth, like a Cakewalk all due to Geebee guidance and the hardworking and wonderful Counselors. Thank you GEEBEE for all that you have done to achieve my goal.

Gaurav Brahmabhat, USA, University of Houston–Clear Lake - Master of Information Science Studies.

Devdutt Nandi, New Zealand, University of Waikato - Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

It has been a pleasure to be associated with Geebee right from Application for student permit for Canada and then again trying for New Zealand after I received a rejection for Canada Visa, they have been a Support right from Deciding the College to submitting my Visa.

I really like to thanks all the team of Geebee for their support and backing me up till the very end and I thank them for helping me get my New Zealand Visa. I would say in the end it has been a very right decision to avail services from Geebee Thane and really BIG THANKS YOU TO THE ENTIRE GEEBEE TEAM....

Devdutt Nandi, New Zealand, University of Waikato - Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Aditya Wadekar USA,University of Cincinnati, Master in Finance

The Experience at Geebee could not have been any better. The Lectures were of great use for the Preparation of exams.

Later the Application to Universities was smoothly done with help of Urmil Sir. It is not just me but my brother & parents are great admirer of Urmil Sir as he has great knowledge of the processes & is extermly soft spoken & had helped me & my parents get to comfort zone.

The Visa process was of great tension for me, but the Visa Ma'm was the best mentor I could have. She was not only a mentor but as very good friend during the process and 5-10 mins talk with her would ofteen ease my tension. She Always gave me motivation & Confidence.

Overall I am glad to choose Geebee for my GMAT, Counselling for USA.

Aditya Wadekar USA,University of Cincinnati, Master in Finance

Nigel Tanday, New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology - Graduate Diploma in Computer & Information Science

This is the first time that I am sending my son abroad for further studies, (New Zealand) I came to know about this institute from a far relative who said that this place is BEST. So we blindly followed and found that really this is the best place for foreign studies counselling & VISA application.

The people at Geebee are simply well informed, up to date & ready to help the student who come with silly queries - whenever we visited Geebee`s office in andheri we were given a COMPLETE solution & that too in one go - we had not to visit again for the same. We want to thank them & MAY GOD BLESS the high spirit they have. Anyone asking for recommendation is definitely a BIG YES.

Yours Truly ----- Narender Tanday & Charmaine Tanday (Parents:- NIGEL TANDAY)

Nigel Tanday, New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology - Graduate Diploma in Computer & Information Science

Firstly I want to thank Geebee for helping me to achieve my dreams. Geebee played main role by not just providing the technical formalities but also helped me and my parents morally. The process is really tough and you spend lots of money into it so I think that you should do it in better way so I will suggest you to go with Geebee.

I was very nervous when I came to Geebee as I was rejected by 3 universities. I met Meghana ma'am she gave me a hope that you can go to USA you should give it a chance. I started the application procedure by selecting the course. Geebee provided me with all the possible options as per my profile. It helped me to shortlist the universities. It was the month of September and the deadlines were close for the spring intake. Fortunately I could do it on on time.

After the application process you become more nervous as you wait for the university's reply. After couple of days I got reply from long island university that I am admitted to the university. I was really happy but It was just the first step as I have to prepare all visa documents in very short time. I applied to Visa, prepared well for it and I was rejected. It was like the end of the world to me. I lost all the hopes as there were only 10 days remaining to start my college. I talked to Dharmesh sir and he asked me to calm down and said reapply for the visa. Fortunately Navya, who helped me in filling out all the forms found a visa date for me in kolkata. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this. Then again I prepared for the visa and I got Visa.

I want to thank everyone from Geebee who helped me in every step of the process. It could not have been possible without you.

Vishwajeet Jadhav, USA, Long Island University - Masters in Pharmacy Administration

Mayuresh Y Oka, IELTS

I was new to this IELTS and its Pattern. Geebee's Staff provided very clear information. I am very happy with the teaching style of the Professor.

Every Class is a Mock Test

This helps to actually understand how he real test are undertaken. Unfortunately, Geebee does not have any Tie- up with University of Toronto for Internationally Trained Lawyers Program, but still managed to guide me through relevant paper words. I am yet to appear my IELTS exams, but an confident to score qualifying bands or probably more in actual test.

I am honestly very thankful to Geebee and Specifically the Professor for his excellent teaching method.

Mayuresh Y Oka, IELTS

Rekha Jadhav, IELTS

I am Planning for Express Entry Program, as to qualify the Expree Entry njormally needa good IELTS score. My friend suggested me the Geebee provide a very good training on IELTS. So I joined the class and came to know the Professor is highly Qualified and a member of British Council. He is a very teacher and know all in's and out's of IELTS.

I am yet to appear the test, but believe that with the Training and Guidance that Geebee provided me will definetly hel me to score the required bands.


Rekha Jadhav, IELTS

Shrikant Kale, IELTS

I would like to deliver my great appreciation towards Geebee, which is pioneer in IELTS Coaching and abroad education services.

As I am student of IELTS Coaching, Since two weeks now I found my coach is very knowledgeable mentor who can give his teaching with friendly manner.

I am very delighted to undergo through IELTS Coaching of Geebee.

Shrikant Kale, IELTS

Nishant Arvind Aher,New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology - Master of Engineering -Telecommunication

I am Nishant Aher and I am glad to write about my experience in Geebee. I visited 1st times this Institute 6 months ago and met the Counsellor who guided me through-out the whole process from joining. I joined for IELTS classes and that lectures helped me alot to clear my exam. I am thankful to the professor who taught me so well

After my exam I scored 6.5 bands which was the acceptable score, I applied for 3 University among which I got acceptance from AUT. My journey throughout was wonderful and now i am going to apply for my Visa.

Nishant Arvind Aher,New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology - Master of Engineering -Telecommunication

Abhilesh Vijayan, New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology - Masters in Construction Management

The entire Geebee team has played an important role in helping me achieve my dream of pursuing Masters in Construction Management from my choice of University i.e Auckland University of Technology New Zealand. I would like to personally thank firstly the Professor who played a pivotal role of tutoring me for IELTS

Secondly, I would thank the Counsellor who was a guide to me from the day 1 till the date my documents were filled for VISA. She was instrumental in helping me understand the whole procedure of preparing oneself for higher studies abroad. I highly recommend her to all those people who are naive like me and have very little knowledge about the procedures.

Lastly, I would thank my Visa Counsellor and a helping hand for filing my documents for VISA - entry to New Zealand. She is extremely well informed about all the nuances of the extremely volatile Visa Application procedure.

Cheers to the entire Geebee team for making this so pleasant and cheerful experience

Abhilesh Vijayan, New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology - Masters in Construction Management

Akshay Jagtap, GRE & TOEFL

I am greatly thankful to the entire team of Geebee right from Counsellors to the teaching staff for guiding me in my GRE and TOEFL preparation in the best possible what. I was not able to finalize my MS plans earlier but the excellent guidance provided by the counsellor helped me in concertinaing my MS Plans and with just two months of preparation, I was ready for my GRE & TOEFL.

The teaching methods followed by the Faculty are very unique as they start from the basic foundation and then progress towards the advance techniques. This structured approach of teaching greatly helps in building the basic concepts of the subject.

Also, the atmosphere in GEEBEE is very friendly which greatly helps the students in clearing their droughts. The teachers provide personal teaching to the students by calling them early before the class in case certain concepts are not clear. I would say that just follow the instructions of the faculty and the recommended books and you are all set for your exams.

Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank the Counsellor and the all the faculty for their valuable guidance and excellent teaching which helped me tremendously in my preparation. And of course the free Magoosh account provided by them is cherry on the cake. Right from booking your GRE & TOEFL date to flying, Geebee helps you in everything.

Akshay Jagtap, GRE & TOEFL

Mithil Dilip Shah, GRE & IELTS

Thank You.... To the Entire Team of Geebee and first and for most to the Counsellor who guided me from my frist day till the date of examination. Then all my professors who helped me to Gain 302 in GRE and 7 bands in IELTS.

Thank you for your kind support

Mithil Dilip Shah, GRE & IELTS

Nikita S Sutrave, IELTS

Even though I am so bad in English myself, the IELTS coaching offered by Geebee really helped me a lot in clearing the examination. I sincerely thank Geebee and the Tutor for making the process absolutely easy and tension free.

Also a huge thanks to the Center Manager for being such a wonderful and approachable Counsellor !!

Nikita S Sutrave, IELTS